What on Earth am I doing?

16-Behaviors-of-Executive-Presence-1012x1024Living the craziest, unexpected life experience I’ve ever dreamed of…
Balls deep inside a computer, working to create magic, looking to help others, and be the best fuckin human being I can be.

For me…

That’s about working on projects like, call accountant. A traffic channeling call tracking plugin to measure where people came to your website and called from. If they came from Google, the phone tracking phone number will change. If they come from facebook, the number will change. This will help you identify where you leads are finding you. Check it out if you want to know where your leads are finding your website from and calling you. Click Here

I’m working with entrepreneurs, health hackers, best selling authors, marketers, business owners and non-profits.

Plastic Surgeons in Des Moines, IowaDoctor of integrative medicine in Kansas City. Churches, health care staffing, schools, and so much more.

I’ve looked at thousands of businesses, de-engineered their businesses models, and have idolized the best attributes of them.

I LOVE everything that I do but one thing I’m running into is lack of scalability.

The question I’m trying to solve is how to train other people and business to empower technology to grow their businesses. It’s simple and obvious but why is it so difficult?

My life is busy… I’m trying to meditate daily, read books, study, grow business, empower people, have fun, be healthy, and be me… But I seem to forget to make time for that. Yet, what I’m discovering in a non-time dimensional existence that the real purpose of life is becoming overhelmingly present in each activity that we do. When we be, and we choose with emotional intentions pure as innocence we open ourselves to experience the magic of the universe unfold in front of your very eyes.

This allowing comes through. It unfolds from within to without. We see this shape and motion occur during the movement of a baby child through the birth cannel.  It’s a universal form of coming out through yourself rather than coming to from outside of self. We are ever unfolding into the universal experience.

I share this moment with you. I enjoy the unfolding of this experience that we can chew on.

What are you trying to do with life?

Where are you trying to go?

What on Earth do you want to experience?

Better yet, how do you want to feel?  —

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