Touch it, the magic elixir of life.

Wisdom has lead me here and lots of questions have fueled the answers to my belief in why this may be true…
I believe everyone has a beautiful brain, it’s not until they sculpt the inside of their mind followed through to their body outside and into the world, will they seem to experience the true essence and power of creation.
Understanding what is happening through direct observation is more real then theorizing in the mind about the future possibilities.
Trying things, has been my greatest teacher.
See, possibilities are endless and infinite.
And distracting.
But my wisdom and understanding has led me to believe that all can be traced back to 1 thing.
Source energy.
Source power.
Source life.
Whatever you want to call it, it’s interesting to watch and observe.
I like to stimulate it.
Like I am stimulating you right now.
Stimulate your eyes, mind, and maybe you’re even hearing my voice in your mind.
Senses being stimulated and so is the world.
It’s fun.
Have fucking fun.
It feels good.
And so did sharing this with you.
Thank you for reading.
Together we help create this world we share.
Create something from the heart.
It’s beautiful.
So are you.
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