The $1,000,000 pitch fest event

Thanks for all the great feedback everyone!
We did not win… but the investors did say, “You guys are geniuses, know what’s going on, and quite frankly scare me…. but in a good way. I will be following through and getting in touch with you after the event.”

I can’t tell you how many people said pretty much the same thing.

We scared them? Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m not a big fan of being feared… I would rather be loved and appreciated instead.

Anyways, what an experience of a lifetime! All the lessons learned, wisdom gained, relationships created, and energy from inspiration.

I feel 1000x more power from being at that event.

Then today, some of us at Be Always Marketing met with one of our favorite clients and he told us today that the amount of business they are bringing in from our Marketing is ridiculous. They had to refuse a $100,000,000/ month client because it was too big for them at this point… But they are growing their sales and marketing side. Yes! I will take that everyday of the week!!!!

I realized as a marketer, the real reason people feel pain doesn’t matter, it’s the symptom they believe is causing that pain that does…. I can have the perfect instrument to rid people completely clear of pain, so they are pain free. Unless, people actually believe their pain is caused by that problem, they will never invest into themselves to rid that pain, until they have 100% faith that the problem is really the problem and the instrument will solve that problem.

People don’t feel the pain of having to pay master card or visa 3% on every transaction, pay hidden fees and costs, and use money that is more worthless tomorrow than it is today. The masses of people are swimming against the current and they think they are fine… In reality if they were swimming with a current, in a different river, they would be more wealthy, secure, safe, and have more free time…

We swim in the river of cashflow everyday and most people don’t realize what they are throwing away.

Thank you for the wisdom.

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