Oh’ it’s on LIKE a Genuine Mofo

A bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep….
That’s right it’s time to go back online with my site.
It’s been a long time and a lot has happened since the first 5 versions.
To know that old content is still valuable, would be a lesson that needed to be learned a long time ago….
Yes, I will always keep my content available from now on… maybe… we’ll see…

LESSON 1: CONTENT IS VALUABLE! – More Scarce than you think.
LESSON 3: Have fun living life and sharing cool valuable stuff with other cool people who read this.

I kind of like giving advice… We’ll really it’s more like, I love sharing cool stuff I figure out in life like food and nutrition, technology, psychology, sociology, neurology, timeology, showology, and crossfit-ology.
Really it’s much cooler than that stretched sounds. Total Hype, I know RIGHT?!!!

So this is what’s up my friend – Yes, it’s on like Donkey Kong !

Show stoppa – body droppa!

Get comfortable, grab that next cup of coffee, and prepare to be amused, disturbed, and sometimes slightly confused by my secret highly confidential information that only people who have access to electronic media and internet can get right now.

This blog will be informative, educational, personally raw, slightly entertaining and guaranteed FULL OF ENERGY!…(I’m getting off on a really great start, huh?)
I may just get a little drama-fried or heated and vent…

So, now I’m making a solid lasting OATH that I will NEVER DELETE ANY OF MY CONTENT EVER AGAIN.
After I post, it’s forever online. Yes, that means I will have to be thoughtful of my words. It also will go to show, that we humans can evolve, grow, change and adapt. My personal opinions move much faster than life so I’m just warning you… except a few core stable concepts that are really Jedi kung-fu super master oriented.  🙂 OHHHhhhhh Hi-YAW!

Often times our perspectives change. That’s cool right? I mean it’s the path down the road of our human experience. The gift of life that we all share. So to change perspective is possibly meaning to have a wider perspective. Imagine what life would be more like if people didn’t irritate you? You weren’t upset by the actions of others. It’s an amazing tool those who have this capability enjoy. Very much so.

Beautiful times are ahead if you believe. 🙂
I believe that rambling about feel good stuff…
1. Pulls out the haters from their dungeons of sadness, remorse, and insignificance.
2.Makes me feel good about my ego and personal achievements.
3. Inspires that one person who just randomly stumbled on my blog to go do exactly what they know they should, but small mindedness is holding them back.
Life is short. We have been gifted. To share that gift is ultimate success.
Anyone of the above 3 makes me excited… Remember Jedi Kung-Fu here.  🙂

I admit I love to make smilies. =)
I smile a lot anyways, so it’s what is actually going on, on the other side of this keyboard.
MUAHAHAAH ~ How ya feeling now?

Sha-mack daddy!

That’s right we are about to get all up in this crib of Online Blogliness and rock our socks off until the floor drops or I’m 6 feet under. Even after then, my memory will live on for as long as my hosting and domain name is paid for….. Hmmm…..  That fires of a interesting thought sequence.

Tasty Meat Balls!
or.. Tasty Artificially Artificial Meat Balls ~ if you are a vegetarian… I was… a couple times… ya.. so anyways….

Back to the first blog post that I need to focus some sort of coherent pattern of thought sequences that formulate a story, idea, concept, or purpose that is meaningful and intentional.
How about on my life…

And my goals…

So let’s start with one right now.

 Help 1,000,000 People and Businesses Increase Their Income, Innovate to better the human condition, and experience life more happy and fulfilled.
It gets confusing of thinking of a business as a person, it becomes easier to connect on a deeper emotional level.
Time line for that ambitious goal…. 11-30-2014

So, you’re asking, “well how are you going to do it?”
Watch and you will find out!


– Out of love of giving what I’m blessed to receive from sources evermore abundant than my mind, body, and spirit can create. 🙂
Amen brothers and sisters!
We are having a lovely time.

Why you are reading this…
Good question to ask yourself.
Is it important?

Compelling enough to get to here.

That’s right.
You are too.

What is it that you are gifted at or are inspired to do.
Post your comments below and we’ll see how we can help you.

Sharing is caring.
The one request I make, pay back your Karma.

Share it with abundance because it will never run out.
Karmic love of universal creations.
It’s more than gravity.

It is.
Well enough of this rambling… I just needed to get my first post online to set the habit and ritual back in motion.
Yes, pay attention.
Pay well.
Be well Paid.

Do it now


P.S.  Seriously post below if you want to pay your Karma forward.
Or want to receive it, ask your questions.
Sure it’s a fun thing!  🙂

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