My Life Has Completely Changed

Today, I was looking over the ocean throwing a frisbee to my friends as they were diving in trying to catch the white plastic saucer from the waves and wind. The salty water mixed with sweat running down my face; eyes red, cheeks slightly sun burnt, and a heart on fire for life.

I never would have told you 6 months ago, I would be here. Here in the closest thing to heaven, I’ve ever experienced. I’m living right in the middle of heaven. With three of my favorite friends a happy white  ‘pup’ named Whinnie and a set of circumstances only heaven could create.

“God, thank you. The power that has come together to create this is inspiring.

Show me the path, you want me to walk down and I’ll bare the weight of your lively crown and bold flag. Empower the beat in my heart to be of your love. Marry my heart and soul. Empower your mighty creation within my fibers. Open of my mind to the brilliance of your creations. Help me see that which I don’t see with my own eyes. I share with you, my grace. The grace of compassion, the grace of love, the grace of acceptance, and the grace of forgiveness.

Thank you for bringing me closer to you. And in this moment, as I wright and do right, I give my all to you.

It feels good to confess my love for Mother Earth and Father God.
The birth of their creation is that which you are made of.

The POWER reside in you.

Inside the light.”

Fire lights up my heart, a smile brightens up my face, and the happy tickle in my tummy telling me, something is about to change. Something is about to be unleashed. And you don’t even know what it is. Keep being you. That’s all you can ever do in this life. So decide how you want to experience.


“Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness;”

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