Challenge Yourself By Pushing Into Fear

from-the-heart1Figure out fear for yourself.

I found it’s a joke.

Literally a foolish joke used to lock us down as slaves.

Why do we succumb to such illusory false gods?

It’s ridiculous mockery of our human potential.

We allow some made up stories of possible potentials to be probables in a possibility of 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,0000,000,000

Face the facts, FEAR is Casper’s Shit.

Literally ghost poop.

Get it?

Stand up to the imitation of reality that fear cloaks your mind with and taste the sweetness of reality with a tinge of sour lemons.

Enough twinkle to make your butt hole pucker up a bit.

Standing out door of an airplane waiting to throw yourself out and into the air of possibilities for which you choose to live into.

Diving out and getting sucked down to Earth in a force much weaker than we really want to admit.

For the strong forces, our eyes can’t even see.

We aren’t consciously aware of them anyways.

The real forces that drives us beyond fear.

Forces that of higher awareness and conscious activity.

Energy forces vibrating at levels unfounded by the ego and higher than self can perceive.

If fear is your master, rise up and fight. The battle is tough at first but easy in the end.

Fear is a weak force to overcome. Fear is illusory. Fear is fake.

Only when we believe the lies of fear we become afraid.

Don’t accept the lies and be liberated.

Even if the liar is you… typically always is… Rise above the ego painting you with it’s eraser…

Slowly erasing you from time and wiping you off the face of the planet.

Don’t allow that damn fear to win.

Allow your heart to shine through.

Allow your soul to come to battle for you.

Allow your mind to let lose and be free.tumblr_lxz2ufoqkp1qb2si6o1_400

Allow your higher awareness to perceive the truth.

You are free.

Let your heart open and hear it’s beat.

It will tell you a story of your life.

It will move you to do the things you were to afraid to do before.

It will inspire you to go from the bring to beyond.

You heart is the key to your future.

Trust it.

Live in it.

Choose to love with it.

It loves you.

Give it a chance to create your life.

Rather than the spastic fearful mind.

Move into your heart.

Feel it’s space.

Hear it’s sound.

Get it’s power.

You are more powerful beyond measure.

You just don’t see it.


Tap in.

Feel it flow.

Enjoy this moment.

It can last forever.

Love feels.

Feels Good.

Get into your heart and be love.

The world needs you to live from the heart.

I need you to live from your heart.


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