The world is evolving faster than ever before. Our meaning of what life is, had shifted. We believed at one time, one way was the way. Yet, grossly misunderstood the ramifications of any one way, is never the way in nature. It doesn’t statistically work out. So the universe has built into it a multiplex dimensional life support system driven in relationships between consciousness and presence.

Aligning our inner nature with outer nature brings into alignment a symbiotic and powerful experience, I believe, our Earth is calling out for.

We are living in a world full of terror, war, death, deceit, seperation, isolation, torture, conquest, and theft. We are being enslaved to the ideals of a few, forced to live a percentage of our life to support a corrupt political system that moves to war faster than to peace.

How are our values showing up in the systems that we create? I don’t believe they are.

Yet, I am finding that most of humanity is fast asleep, too willing to give up responsibility for their own lives in order to be sedated by television, prozac, alcohol, material lusts, and fear. We give up our freedoms for safety and yet we are less safe than ever before. We are 15 years out of the most war driven century humans have ever experienced. More of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters have been brutally killed, sacrficed for the benefit of what????

Really? What the fuck have we gained through this fear, terror adversed life? We are perpetuating the problem that we actually caused. Unfortunately, most people are fast asleep to see what’s been happening in front of their very eyes. We hear from others, that the system is broken, corrupt, defeated, and leaning with advantage towards a few who benefit. We all inherently know this in our hearts but who knows the solution to all this???

I believe we all do, if we just quiet ourselves down, connect with our hearts, and open our minds to the infinite possibilities that lay in front of us.

If we listen for the echoes in the universe. We seek deeper meaning and understanding with wisdom at our foresight and to seek to understand the complexities of our human experience. Our conscious understanding of the ways our world and lives work is driven deeply and intently by the power in our hearts.

How does your heart feel? Can you even feel it?– If we look at the world and ask ourselves how are the hearts of man, right now? –
The answer: Not Good. It’s the number one reason for death in America.
It’s stuck in a perpetual state of fear, lost in a cycle of problem, reaction, and outside solution.

We have broken hearts that are sick, disease ridden, and hurting for deeper understanding, health, vitality, and loved centered connections.

Too many of us are afraid of terror.
Too many afraid of the world.
We are afraid to step outside of our comfort zones and do something different because we are full of fear.

This cycle repeats itself.

And if we look at how the biggest nations/empires treated the world… I find again, their hearts are not in it for love but for self gain.

We react out of fear.

Look at America…. They put Native American Tribes in concentration camps, killed them, and took away their cultures. We did this to african americans. We did similar things this to Japanese Americans. And now we are doing this to Muslims.

I stand not for a culture built on the back of slaves, driven by fear, moved to conquest, and motivated by selfish greed. I stand for a culture empowered with love, compassion, connection, hope, freedom, and responsibility.

The hippies had it partially right in the 60’s, they just didn’t see it fully to fruition, like we are. They stopped when their movement slowed.

But today, we are in a more connected world, smarter, and more prepared to stand together to facilitate freedom and responsibility for all.

We are NOT afraid of giving up on the outdated “American Dream” in order to live our own dreams. And the beautiful thing, when we empower each other to live life in pursuit of building our dreams, we facilitate a deeper dimensional shift in the collective human psyche.

Our hearts light our lives on fire and burn passion into lives around us. The energy to synchronize off of is right here in front of us. Join the movement.
Embrace your inner being. Place your hand on your heart, and breath the fire of your love into your body.

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