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Health – Health – It’s Who You Are And What You Got!

Health has become my most favorite geek-ery to work with. My body is a machine of endless possibilities. Action and habits form our abilities to empower the very machines we have been gifted through an orgasmic splurge from our fathers into our mothers vagina. Often times after the face cringing thought disapears and our reaction floats […]

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The Magic Of Questioning Everything, Including Beets and Food Scraps

Short Story About Food: So… I’m cutting up my Prudent Produce vegetables while challenging everything I know about food and food prep. About the end time I started to throw away the “left over stocks and ‘scrap’ parts of the vegetables” a sparking idea arose in my mind… Weird right? Why not blend these scraps […]

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Nutrition before taste for a great waist

Much more than just a rhyming freestyle white boy rap.  Putting nutrition before taste will help you discover amazing food that you’ve never heard about before. It will motivate you to learn what we can put into our mouths that will provide amazing returns on bodily performance, brain functioning, and emotional happiness. See, food and […]

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