Time Management and Pathetic Procrastination

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Nothing is worse than falling victim to feelings. A loser lets their feelings get in the way of accomplishments. Losers let their feelings drive them rather than being like winners who drive their feelings. I’m not saying it’s easy to be in control of your feelings, I’m saying it’s the hardest thing you will accomplish in your life but it will be the most rewarding.

A good way to tell if you schedule your life well is to look at where you are at in life. If you are exactly where you want to be in life you are doing good, if you are not, you are putting your time into the wrong place. Invest your time more wisely to get better results out of life.

The feelings that get in the way of accomplishing goals, objectives, and taking action is the manifestation of the BIG LOSING THIEF – PROCRASTINATION!
This ugly 2 headed beast is part sloth, part manipulator, part lier, and part softy wimp. The only thing that kills procrastination is literally killing it, ignoring or suffocating it’s screams, and turning a blind eye. Perhaps, telling it to “GO AWAY PROCRASTINATION! Disappear forever!”

To get in the HABIT of be proactive and driving our lives, we must use Time Management techniques and strategies. I use a number of different systems to help me plan, measure, and monitor my time. This helps me stay on course and plan out my life. Now, I’m a super spontaneous person, I love it beyond belief and so I’ve got to plan for times where I can do wacky spontaneous and crazy things! Like streaking…. No, that was only once and it was in a country that it was legal and well… it’s now off my bucket list.
So the meat n’ potatoes or beans and rice if you are a vegetarian…
Time blocking –
You only have 24 Hours in a day…
Sleep 6-8
Work 8
Play, Eat, Learn 8

Now we know that there is in between time or otherwise called dead time. This dead time is perfect of for thinking about the next task, organizing thoughts, thinking about dinner, forecasting how amazing next week will be because of….

Since I run an Interactive Digital Marketing Agency, I find myself needing to fill up this dead time with brain storming for my clients and prospective clients. This way, when an amazing idea shoots off in my mind, I write it down or put it into my memory vault and have it ready for our next meeting.

In order to make this time management work right, you have to block out your times in advance. I recommend using Sunday to fill in all the spots that are left unblocked. Remember to leave open time in between events to allow for those unexpected things to rear their heads and you have time to kill them…
Procrastination is a THIEF!

This time blocking mechanism requires you to be realistic with the time it takes to complete projects and processes. We typically underestimate what we can get done in a month(s)/year(s) but overestimate what we can get done in a day. So with this in my, if you think you can get something done in 1 hour, plan 1.5 then allow yourself 30 minutes before the next block of time. This gives you 30 minutes to go through emails, check vm, call back incoming calls, waste time of facebook etc…

I personally use google calendard to block my time out. I’ve found that making time blocks that last forever don’t work… even if you need “reminded”. It actually works better to implement time blocking on Sundays, filling in your schedule as the days and week progresses and utilize down time or unblocked time for less important tasks.

This is how I organize my time scheduling but I’m still optimizing it for performance.
Identify what is…

  • Most Urgent
  • High Income
  • High Impact

These are the things that are important in business and life so by focusing on these and filtering out the less important things, makes you more effective of a person and business professional. If you find your self religiously checking your email and reacting to it, than you are not scheduling your time appropriately.

At the end of day, everyday look over you schedule and clean up all the notes from that day while they are still fresh. This is extremely important!!!
Next, look at the next day and see what needs to be prepped for the first thing in the morning, (often times the first event the next morning is what I think about at at night)
When you are looking at the next day, project the awesome things that will happen and imagine it being SUCCESSFUL! Feel it emotionally be thankful for it and then let it go.

Then in the morning, after you go through your ritual for daily mental, physical, emotional, spiritual  preparation, start with your calendar and make any changes necessary and start your day off with VENGEANCE!!!! Remember to reward yourself for being successful with your day! You have to Reward yourself. Just do it!


For an extra bonus I measure my time with Rescue Time  it’s an awesome time management program that helps you stay accountable and give you historical evidence of your success! It’s pretty much 99.99999% automated and tracks android phones too!!!! I love this program and recommend you trying it out for free!  Go to www.RescueTime.com/rp/rescue-me

If you don’t run your schedule and measure your time, you are not as effective as you could be. No excuses.
Plus, rescue time holds you accountable and shows the reality of where you actually spend your time. You will be suprised how much time you waste in social media and email. It’s almost sickening.

Take action NOW! 🙂NoworLater

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