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Search Engine Marketing and Digital Web Advertising is the fastest changing and biggest growing market in the business services industry.  Transformations, evolutions, and deaths are among the masses whom have attempted to integrate effectively with the gigantic populations of the world using the word wide web.

I’ve grown up on the internet. I’ve developed a love and hate relationship with it. The web has brought me beautiful and ugly things…. lol from crazy juvenile learning lessons to gigantic corporate 500 national success. I’ve touched almost every aspect of the OSI Model. I’m here right now helping to expand it. For it’s no longer just a 7 layer model.

I would argue that it’s a 10 layer model. The last three being USER, TIME, AND MONEY / Currency . osi-model

At least when we think about it with 10 layers, the marketing, sales, business, and opportunity explodes into another Gold Rush!

So, SEO, the way I deal with it, is on the 7 layer or the application layer.

Many people ask, “Ryan, What is an Internet Marketing Consultant?


I answer  with, “SEO is a form of relationship building. We are building a stronger relationship between Google and your Website. Right now the Search Engines don’t communicate well with you because the web isn’t saying anything about you…. You’re not popular among the Web Spiders….Bummer huh? That’s ok. You have nothing to worry about. I can either teach you how to make your site go up, it’s more expensive early on, or I can do it for you. Often times most businesses don’t have time to learn the 220+ variables of the Search Engine Ranking Equation, let alone figuring out what to do to create change, so they hire an Internet Marketing SEO Consultant – like me – to get their business higher rankings in search engines. I’ve spent the last 5 years building an Internet Marketing business and we love nothing more than helping businesses all around the world utilize the power of internet marketing and digital advertising.

We have super powerhouses like Facebook.com – Google.com –  Pandora.com – Itunes.comYoutube.com and many many more….. to advertise on. To get your businesses brand out there, to grow traffic to your site, so you can generate more leads, more sales, and more revenue for your business.

If you want to learn more about Digital Marketing and how to effectively use the internet to grow your business, come find me at http://BeAlwaysMarketing.com

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