An email to a client about the Psychology of Sales…Part 1

Note: This client owns a Premium Wedding Dress and Gown Store.

Hey Genius!

Here’s my long story shortend:

Subject: Experience Optimization and the Human Psychology of Attraction and Influence.

Emotional engagement in a “sales” experience ultimately drives the outcome of the sale.
Product, experience, human interaction, and sensorial pleasure are all triggers in the influence of the sale.

People’s emotional stimulus can be triggered via 5 commonly known senses that pick up on environmental cues.


How are your customers experiencing these in your store?

When human beings make buying decisions the power relies in the emotional charge and the underlying need. If there is worked up emotional charge from pleasure that is already surrounding the decision to resolve the need, those emotional charges influence the decision and the decision making process. The reverse is also the case. Even if a customer is in despair, swinging them into reassurance and getting them comfortable creates SUPER LOYAL customers! In fact, these are often the best customers because you saved their day!

Let’s look at those senses purely from an environmental level. (We will introduce a sales or customer service agent later.)

Your company has the ability to execute powerfully in certain areas but may not be equipped as powerfully for all sensual experiences. This creates a perfect opportunity for STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS. It will be perfect for a catering company, or vintage furniture company, Musicians, etc.. anyone interested in influencing your customers experience in a powerful way that helps provide leverage because it’s also their target market while they are shopping for their event! Perfect marketing at a perfect time! –

Making the experience magically moving and emotionally touching.

Taste- Appetizers at the door! (Food must be clean, non-messy, fun and experiential.)

Sounds – music and background sounds (currently looking into musical background noise that provides positive feelings.

Smells – What is the smell of your brand or store? Think Wedding Fragrances!

Touch – Got it covered with the dresses fabric-

See – Already have a beautiful store!

Now let’s introduce the sales person….

This is where the 6th sense comes in…

But what if the 6th sense could be “hacked”?
What if it was the easiest to influence.
What if it happens to be the most powerful sense to connect with?

Leading questions to find deeper insight in which YOU, the genius already know and do.

Unfortunately not everyone has this gift of connecting with the affinity of other beings. But, it can be trained. It comes down to the simplest of answer. Connecting with others has nothing to do with statements… It has to do with the QUESTIONS, Listening With Purpose, and a Genuine Smile.

As long as the sales person is comfortable and relaxed, customers will be begging you for the sale.

Add all these components together and you have one powerful sales system.

The secret in recovering lost sales…. Send them direct mail pieces with your smell, coupons to your catering vendors, something that triggers those anchored tastes, smells, textures, and you will touch parts of the human body words could never do!

Use the power of a full fledged sensual experience to anchor memories and make a lasting impression.

That’s how raving fans are built….

20min time cap! Done…

What are your thoughts?

I’ll add a part 2 later…

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