Quick Rant and Rave #1

Oh why, oh when, oh where, oh who, oh how?rnr
I know it’s about this or that.
But this is to be that and that this.
What should this story be about, if it was only a kiss?

I see the future for what it is
A possible play that exists of the traditional way.
Where has the time gone, if lost at bay?
For who’s to share of why they stay?

It seems for now, as we go along
The melodies of symphonies fill the air with song.
I do not know of when it will be
The messages aren’t all around, unless we look to see.

It’s the question of authority that begs…. Are we really free?

We lost our hearts and we lost our souls.
For the tv knows no one and yet we sit like trolls.

Jump up with me and take back our time
For the stories of make belief are as poisonous as a rhyme.

Conscious knows the lie
But the unconscious does not see when or why.

For it’s the kiss of bliss that mirrors in the mind.
We feel what we see, the story hurts just like it was of thee.
Tails of passion, fables of lie, long stories of make believe, way before time.

Do I know for what this will come.
Just a community of zombies eating preserves on stamp of valueless sum.

Where is the effort, where was the work?

I see the big screen tv and a big fat jerk.Logos_SelfTitledClown

Cockroaches rummage the chips on the floor
Satellite dishes, speakers, and electronics galore!

We love and lost but will love some more.
Just as long as we remember we are human and can continue to love and adore.

Connecting with beings is what we all want.
The share of a kiss, a long gazing stare at significance to someone whom we care.

I wonder when and I wonder how. For the turning of a culture is about to be past in time.
And so with it the truth of our poets past, the memories will fade as they planned at last.

Where or with whom the truth will be revealed, it’s the story of our truths that was once concealed.
The truth will come alive and set the people free, at least this is what I choose deep in my heart to believe.
Only if the world will see the love and harmony of being connected with thee.

For it is told that all stories come to an end.

An end, they must be.

But when has anything really ended, if not to begin with a new chapter for another evolutionary seed?

Seasons greetings!

Giving thanks for love, life, creation and creators.
I dare you to share the love!


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