Psychological Cheeseball and Click Out This Herbal Tea

So, what if I like to rant and rave. That’s just me. Ok? Great! Remember to click the link. But first you have to read this whole thing to get the Psychological Cheeseball.

Understand this is so me. Not like the me inside my mind, but the me outside my mind. – Chew on that Morsel!

When walking down the aisle at the local meat and cheese artisan grocery store, or Wallmart (I don’t judge) the feeling of being connected through humanBEINGship and genuine connection through the sharing of the heart and soul for our love of food…. Love of Food!  

See, the Jamaican’s are notorious for this saying, “One Love Man, One Love” – Cause every little things gona be aight! — Feel Alright! 

So, this alright goodness inside is transforming into big oceans of warmth and genuine heartship. Life’s opportunities are all around us. So much so, it’s like going to the grocery store to get cheese.  It’s easy to get tasty cheese that is giant, bright and smooth cheese with creamy tones of perfect texture and softness. Mouth starts to salivate.  Chew. Feel the cheese on your tongue as your the jaw moves up and down, up and down. “Mmmmm” Bright and Tasty Cheese! Soooo gooood.  The blissful mind aromas and experiences of eating the mental cheese is really bright and overwhelming with blissful feelings. Recall the texture, color, size, and taste. The delicious taste. Mmmm… Yes, oh’ so good. Hungry? Yes.


Ever hear of a nested command?
I’m practicing them and just brought you through some of them while tickling your taste buds…
How does your mouth feel? A little wet perhaps? LoL>

Pavlov’s Pup loves to hear it’s bell and our bodies respond to thoughts of food…. Like chocolate!

If you are a writer, make your readers taste your words. It’s the most engaging experience imaginable. It’s easier than you think. Use feeling words and make the images explode in the readers eyes. Just like the big bright and creamy cheese you just experienced in your mind. It’s just like feeling the fun behind the sun. It’s warm and enlightening. Allow yourself to add colors of light that flash in the reader’s eyes. Let them see the vision of the light being reflected through a prism cascading beams into their third eye. Open up chakras and relax. Relax….. Yes… That is right. Relax comfortably. Breath nice and deeply. Breath fully in now  ………………. …….. . . . … . . . .   .. .   .   .   .      .  That’s right, that’s good now exhale out  ………………. …….. . . . … . . . .   .. .   .   .   .      . great! You’re doing fantastic. Focus on your breathing.

In a reading trance –

All the way down deep because it feels good.

Down. Down. Down.


Further and further down you go.


Feel your body soften like a puffy white cloud.

Soft, warm and snuggly. Smells pleasant, slightly sweet, and fresh.

Remember to be grinning because of the blissfully joyous experience you are having.

That’s right, the more you smile and yawn the more blissfully joyful you will become.
Yes… Relaxing and comforting. Yawn and go deaper and deaper down. Yawn.


Very good.

Softer and softer. More joyful and more joyful.

Close your eyes and experience the assurity of me communicating with you. I’ am the subconscious mind communicating to you from deep inside yourself. You have everything you need. You are ready to fulfill the needs of the world.

Deeper deeper deeper down.

Feel the joy

Enjoy this.

Remember to smile a bit. It’s ok. It’s even ok to giggle. Giggling ig contagious.  Right now. 

Relax in your seat. Down deeper.
You are ready to have everything you want.
It just requires you to listen to your subconscious.
That’s right it’s me Subby!
Hahahaah. You are joyfully relaxed in a deep state of mind. eyelids are heavy.

Excuses disappear. The answers are here. Deep inside. Look for them in within. You have the knowledge. Put it to use.


Ok, you’re doing great. Try to imagine smiling! CHEESY SMILE!!!!



That’s right!


Have fun and enjoy the Mental Cheese Ball!


Drink this mental herbal tea because it’s good for you. 

It’s delicious and nutritious. Like warm medicine for the mind, body, and soul.
Green with goodness and fully abundant with tasty pleasures on virtually every level.

EZ-lee get your anti oxidants and caffeine without the harmful side effects of coffee.

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Bye Now it’s time.

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