The Magic Of Questioning Everything, Including Beets and Food Scraps

Picture 25Short Story About Food:
So… I’m cutting up my Prudent Produce vegetables while challenging everything I know about food and food prep. About the end time I started to throw away the “left over stocks and ‘scrap’ parts of the vegetables” a sparking idea arose in my mind… Weird right? Why not blend these scraps into a puree and add necessary seasonings to bring to taste… That would be a really ‘good for you’ type of dressing. Liking this idea… I looked around at the left overs…

Then a wave of curiosity came over while grabbing the green leaves from the beets that were sitting off to the side.

I asked myself, “why can’t I put these leaves in my salads too? I guess I need to find out what it tastes like first…” CHOMP ~ #Salty #Leaves ~ “Weird”… Triple washed again to make sure there was no sodium chloride present and after a second taste testing, I confirmed these leaves were naturally “salty”.

“Why use salt when I can add ‘good for you’ salty leaves to my salads instead?”

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I even googled it!

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