The 11 powers of ginger in your diet and an easy tip for increasing consumption.

According to folklore, ginger will make you horny, you’ll have better sex, sweat less, work more, go longer, get bigger, and a bunch of other cool stuff… Ginger isn’t just for sex though. It’s been used by ancient traditions for centuries and considered a medical herb by many wisdom traditions. After studying the list of benefits, I can see why this root is so sacred. I’m literally mind blown!!! (no pun intended)
If you are an athlete, especially a crossfit athlete, you might want to keep reading.

Below is a brief list of benefits from using Ginger for your Crossfit Pre Drink and Recovery, or Other Health Related Workouts…

Sure, if you want to be lazy and just consume it for whatever benefit. Healthy People Exercise!

  1. Reduction of Muscle Pain From Crossfit and working out.
  2. Reduction of Asthma Symptoms
  3. Reduction Of High blood pressure (hypertension) – contains chromium, magnesium and zinc which can help to improve blood flow
  4. Enhances appetite and improves absorption by stimulating gastric and pancreatic enzyme secretion, reduces colon inflammation, and gas. (NO MORE OVER THE HEAD SQUAT FARTS!)
  5. Immune Boosting Nutrients
  6. Reduction of congestion of the throat and nose.
  7. Decrease protein levels in urine output by assisting kidneys. (Taking protein supplements? You need more ginger)
  8. Join pain reduction – anti-inflammatory.
  9. Maintains Normal Blood Circulation.
  10. Help prevent chills, fever, and excessive sweat.

So, after seeing this huge list of beni’s I think you probably want to know the best way to put it inside your body!  😉

Here’s what I do….

  1. Go get a gallon of purified water….
  2. Cut Up A Root Of Ginger into small pieces and add it to the water… (It’s ok to use the whole thing!)
  3. Drink! – Nibble – Eat – Enjoy the great taste, intense experience of increasing body heat and getting amazing benefits from ginger.
  4. If there is left over ginger, add it to the next gallon of water.  You might like it so much you drink it everyday….


My Results-
So I’m an avid biology, life, and technology hacker… I love to figure systems out and make use of “power buttons” to help me get to my goals faster. Yes, I’m after faster success.
I heard about the benefits of ginger from a weight gaining, testosterone increasing, natural medicine approach. Little was I aware that it would help me with my joins, asthma, and kidneys! It’s almost like a blessing from above!!! I’n the 2 weeks of drinking ginger tea, I’ve gained 7 lbs, increased in strength from 235lb back squats to 250lb and a number of other gains… I just feel and look better too. I’m sure there are a number of other reasons for these inclines, but I just went off of whey protein and pre-workouts… Diet is pretty similar… Exercise has been consistent.

I’m tallying these gains to the ginger. 🙂
Will keep you posted.

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