I failed… Miserably And With No Grace – Saturday Night Sins –

I have to admit it. I ate a greasy, nasty, cheeseburger from B-Bops because my friend happened to be craving fries after we just ate a custard cement grinder from Culvers… Ya that’s more fast food restaurants I’ve been to in over 2 years and it was all in 1 night! Knowing full well I was doing my body a disservice. NO I wasn’t drunk, No I wasn’t on drugs… I was just being a slave to GLUTTONY!

DA – DA – DA! 

I committed a sin. Nor did I even enjoy it. WHY? WHY? WHY?That’s right!Heck I just posted on my blog, 2 hours before about AMAZING Nutritional food…. Then I commit the cardinal sin of eating fast food… Radiated Hormone and Antibiotic Injected Dead Cow, over a piece of plastic cheese, smothered with processed ketchup, mustard (gas), nuke mayo, and lettuce that’s been raised with pesticides used from World War 1 serin toxic gas.

Maybe because I’m a sucker to a craving and when another acknowledges they have the same craving and then asks at just the right time, influence only needs to equal zero to be persuasive. I’m practically tingling on the inside from the shock I just put my body through… My pores are clogging, my heart is racing, my palms are sweaty, and I’m about to have a heart attack!

Ok. Ko.

Maybe I’m being overly dramatic, but still, I KNEW BETTER… Tomorrow I’m going to punish myself by running 1 mile, doing 100 burpees, 100 pushups and 100 pullups… That will teach me for sure.


Because our bodies weaken when we feed it poisonous toxins. We notice this the most when we put our bodies through intentional stresses, like working out.

Lessons are often learned with the lessons we give rather than take away.

That’s my short post for the night about my Saturday Night Sin: Gluttony

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