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Health has become my most favorite geek-ery to work with. My body is a machine of endless possibilities. Action and habits form our abilities to empower the very machines we have been gifted through an orgasmic splurge from our fathers into our mothers vagina. Often times after the face cringing thought disapears and our reaction floats off into the clouds we realize the real reality of this nature of our nature.

For we are human. We come from the very same Earth, sharying the same molecular structures and enjoying the same beautiful sun that fill our bodies with beautiful hope and amazing vitamin D. 😉

I often times ask myself, in what ways can I continue my empowered pursuit into personal and social health?
How can I learn about myself and share this very knowledge with others?
What could we all learn from this EXPLORATORY DATA OF THE HUMAN CONDITION?
Could we find keys to unlocking health and the power of the mind?

To bring this back in closer to home, I ask…

What would it mean to you to be at your highest human potential possible? 

To get into this higher potential we must look at the 4 basic aspects of our human existence.
1. Mind
2. Body
3. Spirit
4. Relationships

I get a lot of questions from people asking me how to eat better or how to improve their lives.
I personally find that it’s a commitment to yourself and trying to provide the very best for you and the ones you love.
I believe we must be passionate about growing as a person and staying true to the search for truth.

For foods sake here is what I consciously put into my body to get the most peak performance from my day.
I stick with mostly organic food. About 3-7 lbs a day with water included.
10-14 ounces of animal protein a day
Range of fish, beef, chicken, and pork. Mostly Baked with fresh herbs
Salads daily: mixed vegetables (kale, romain lettuce, peppers, tomato, and other random veges in stock)
1/2 stick of organic grass fed butter
6 cups of low mytoxin coffee
6 tablespoons of MCT high concentrate oil
Nuts: Chia, cashew, pecans, peanut butter (legume)  Eaten Daily
Cheese slices every couple of days.



Niagen n(R) 250mg x 2
L-Tyrosine – 500mg x 3
multi vitamin by HPN – Food Derived Clean x 3 daily
1200mg omega fish oil  x 2
5000 mg Vitamin C x 1

5-htp 100mg
Calcium 500mg
Magnesium 250mg
Potassium Gluconate Just added today 
(Accidentally took 1 big tablespoon rather than 1/2 teaspoon on the first dosage. Put me to sleep and had mental fog for 6 hours)D3- 5,000 iu’s x 3 daily
(I’ve taken lots of d3 before and had great experiences with it)

Changes I would like to continue 
5 lbs of increased muscle mass in the next 2 months
Improvements in crossfit performance, (also be tracked)
Improved Concentration with better Impulse Control  –
Stabling mood yet remain inspired

Mental Activities to help with mental programming:

Meditation (daily)
Exercise minimum 1 hour 4 times a week.

6-8 hours.
Train is causing occasional wake ups but the overall sleep quality, based on my smart phone app is 45% which is about average from the last several years of tracking.

Will be adding brain frequency scanning in hopefully 30 days or less.

Weight is fluctuating between 153-157, until I did a night of hot yoga and dropped down to 149. I can confirm a lot of water weight was lost. Good cleaning feeling came from that although I don’t recommend more than once a week of hot yoga.

So ya that’s what I got.
My personal goal is to live a long healthy life and share my journey with the world so that my knowledge and effort can be shared with the world and the evolution of wisdom can continue.

Be Bold and Share Love! 🙂

Share All The Value!
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