You’re a machine!

cover_1907bShall we are all not? For thy being is alive and lustering of beauty and kindness for creating experiences, memories, enjoyments and satisfaction. The kingdom of light shines within. The biological manifestations of brilliant clusterings made of atoms. formed by the attraction of electrons, proton, neutrons, dark mater, anti-mater, empty space… and more. Perfectly and intelligently organized like a symphony of angels in heaven. Or… Geeks at a technology convention, whatever you decide.

Say what – Hakuna Matata? 
How we are is from the electrical connections in our brains and bodies. Influenced by waves of hormones triggering bodily responses to stimulus. We are also manifestations of love. The moment when masculine and feminine connected on psychological, social, bodily, evolutionary, and the most fulfillment of indulging in internal human pleasures. Let’s not forget the enjoyment of swinging and swaying, skipping and jumping, beat boxin’ and melody, or pitchin’ and a catchin. The sharing of time, enjoyment, and personal attention is for the relationship of humanites survival base. It’s as much logic as it is art. Truly fluid and motion fulfilled.

Isn’t life really the relationships of friends, family, loved ones, and people cared for. These are often the major retrospective memories dying people look back on with pride, satisfaction, and ease. Remembering stories of pleasure with their relationships, feats overcome, passion, spiritual connection and moments of life altering experiences. The decisions of their lives were fulfilling to the overall happiness of their life when their goal in life was more than just materialism. It’s rare to hear of someone on their deathbed wishing they spent more time working. Moments of decision is a bond we share that is of our true personal freedom. We are lucky to be alive at this time with all our freedoms that are still very much alive. (LET’s KEEP IT that way, we have been slipping as a nation! I think all Americans must get politically informed, by anything other than mass media. Experience of the political process is a must to really keep us free. Relying on others to do this is insane. Look back just 160 years ago, WE STILL HAD SLAVERY!)

The machine exists, I believe in the continued persistence of action that results in a material existence to be created. For example, this blog post. By creating rituals in life that are anchored to a task or action which results in an outcome of desire, the difficult things become easier, the process becomes much faster to achieve and results in higher quality outcomes. Often times the first one is the hardest.

This positive personal growth allows for expanded development due to lifes quadratic growth principal.  (Development of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Relationships combined in daily activity equates to higher levels of personal growth because of the relationship all four share is like magic. There is ALWAYS higher levels of enlightenment when choosing to live integral rather than focusing on one area at a time.) The growth principal is actually an equation for better life performance. Unfortunately, based on this principal if “retirement” ever happens, personal growth diminishes, slows, then depletes unless the principal is continually engaged  or re engaged again. Basically, the quadratic growth principal is the fountain of youth.

To be alive we must live.
(Yes Toto too!)
To be alive we must share.
(A gift for you!)
To be alive we must dare.
(I dare you to take action right now!)

Accomplish that one thing that you have been putting off and get it done! LIKE right now. You know what it is. +:) Aren’t personal achievements fulfilling? Darying ourselves to push the red line and drive just a little bit more makes all the difference in a lifetime. Well my 20 minute dare to write challenge is about to arrive at it’s departure.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope we made some amazing neuron connections in your brain! muahahah

Long live you and blessings for all that you are.
Share in peace and forever enjoy.
The magical machine of you starts now!

Share All The Value!
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