Uncovered Lost Mental Software of Being.

Renewed Discovery During Clearing Meditation Session

Titled: “No More Stress, Lots More Fun!”

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———Starting Now ——–
It’s easy!
It’s actually really quite simple.

Even all the skeptics agree.

Stop getting
Start Being.

Stop getting bold.
Start Being Bold.

Stop getting success.
Start Being Success.

Stop getting happiness.
Start Being Happiness.

Stop getting power.
Start Being Power.

Stop getting truth
Start Being Truth.

Stop getting love.
Start Being Love.

Stop getting human
Start Being Human.

Start Human Being”
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P.S. I was a little nervous about posting.
“Am I breaking some unknown social rule???”
But I reminded myself, Be Me. Being Fully Me Right Now.

It helped thinking about Arnold’s Secret Of Success
2. Break The Rules

Yes, So Share Here Because It Could Help Someone Else.

I feel like we are only able to see what we are ready to see.
Take what you will.
Remember to Be Be Be!

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