Chatter Monkeys Return with Magic to Believe In

Ever talk about something and all of a sudden it just appears? You’re like, “Woa did that just happen. I was just thinking about that and then I saw it.”
Or… You run across a word that you’ve never seen before and you look it up and all of a sudden you hear it all the time! WOW!!!!

Well, remember the post about the drunken monkeys chattering in your mind? Some buddhist talk about the mind chatter as if it was drunken monkeys. Well I happen to run across a post that shared a strategy to resolve this clamoring waste of energy and time. It’s a crazy weird mental activity and can almost be treated as a game. In your mind, try to envision monkeys writing on a big BLACK CHALK BOARD. The only write when your mind makes pictures, videos, sounds, or talk inside your mind. On this chalk board your job is to erase the writing that the monkeys are making on your board. You will find that yourself erasing like crazy!!!

Quickly I ended up wondering  why the heck wait for the monkeys to stop this chatter on their own and keep having to erase their perpetual writing… So, I imagined a gun in my mind. Then I started to shoot the monkeys that wrote on my mental chalk board. Of course I erased first! Then I questioned if this was cruel.. I have a hard time eating meat let alone killing an animal, even if it’s in my head. That’s when I new my ethical conscious engaged in that part of my brain. I questioned could I teach these monkeys to do work for me and be trained?

I was like YES! Working monkeys! Then I wondered, well are these monkeys free?
Then I thought about providing them with an emancipation proclamation.
Then after I freed the monkeys they when back to writing on my chalkboards. I realized I reverting back to training them to be my worker monkeys was the best for my mental civilization of  monkeys on chatter recovery programs.  “Monkeys don’t let monkeys do chatter. This is your brain on chattter… Any questions?

Direction is key here. The magic isn’t in the manifestation of physical items into the world, but in the power of belief inside. Belief the size of a mustard seed can move mountains.  I BELIEVE IN YOU!

So, I’m sharying the concept about this Chalkboard monkey Mind Programing Technique with my friend and she looks up to me all of a sudden and was SUPER EXCITED about the chatter monkeys because she just heard about them little loud mouths a couple days prior. I was like, “NO WAY” I just wrote about this a couple days ago!!!!

Strangely enough I begin to tell her about using the chalk board and she tilted her head and said to me while starting to glance down “this one?” She was holding a decorative chalk board with a piece of chalk in her hand.

I believe… I believe…

It’s crazy, I know but I couldn’t even make this shtuff up. For Realz!

Pull that trigga!

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These are Fur Real

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