Our Power Comes From Within

Note: I’m purely making connections and playing with ideas to see how life patterns are organized and if the organized patterns can be applied in other fields of study. Examples of these other fields of study, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Neurology, Sociology, Astrology, religious practices, spirituality etc.

All power you need is gifted within. You are instilled with the Gifts of Creation. 

The forces our bodies have within are beyond our full understanding. What is possible is oftentimes up to the decisions of individuals and less from environment unless excuses are being made ;). There is a relationship between the universe and ourselves. We can influence the universe and the universe can influence us. In fact. the health of this relationship is driven by the same factors as those that drive our personal relationships with other beings. The principals are the same but in no way limiting.

Just like the relationship between father God and mother Earth. The masculine meeting with the feminine to create another creation that is a mirror of it creators. In our human reality it takes two organized energy fields to create another individual organized energy field. This pattern could be looked at in many ways but let’s see if we can find a pattern that we can utilize to generate a cause and effect paradigm that is beneficial to our life goals or plans.

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Energy has an attraction or repulsion effects.

The dynamic relationship we have with our environment is thought to be capable of being influenced by our thoughts, emotions, energy, and intentions. From this perspective our bodies operate like antennas to the cosmos radiating out our thoughts, requests, love, anger, stress, intentions, etc…

E(motion) – Energy + Motion = Emotion

If our bodies are antennas and energy is attraction or repulsion, doesn’t the physicality of the matter mean we can repulse or attract that which we may desire?

Ask and you shall receive? 
Catch my drift?

“Sure… You’re saying the law of attraction!”

Yes and let’s take this a step further.

Just knowing about something makes you knowledgeable about theory.
Knowing and creating results makes you a creator.

Without the ACT OF CREATION nothing manifests and that knowledge is just stored potential. It’s powerless unless invoked.

How do you invoke power potential?

Just start taking action and continue to develop your skill by expanding and taking more action.

Action = Results

Action = Power

Some may be asking what should I do?

Well if you don’t already know, then you need to figure this out as your life rides on you.

Perhaps you aren’t aware of your Wealth Power Position. WealthDynamics

  • Creator
  • Star
  • Supporter
  • Deal Maker
  • Trader
  • Accumulator
  • Lord
  • Mechanic

Sure, we have attributes of all these but what do you lean to?

Shallowly, I feel my power position is the star but I have very deep creator and mechanic skills as well.

In business development, wisdom says to work most on your skills.

In personal development, wisdom says to work on your weak links.

What’s your theory about business and personal development?





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