Morning Rituals For Success Revealed

I wake up every morning with an alarm that awakens me at the best point possible, in the light sleep stage. No longer am I jarred awake from an alarm that scares me into oblivion and get’s my heart racing. I’ve found that moving from one state of conscious to another in a smooth easing pattern seems to produce better results. The program that I use is called Sleep as droid. There are other apps that do this both on the IOS and the Android platform. I just happen to like sleep as droid because it does a few other things that I like, such as tracking sleep cycles and more…

As soon as I wake up, I use the restroom and take this time to read a chapter in a book that preps me for a day of success. At this time, I’m reading the Master Key System. It’s the same book that Bill Gates read before dropping out of Harvard and starting up Microsoft. This book was actually intended to be a weekly study course that was created by a very wealthy and successful entrepreneur in the early 1900’s named Charles F. Haanel. I highly recommend going through this course if you are reaching for higher levels of conscious awareness and more success in your life. Tapping into the unconscious mind and using it’s power it by far the best tool any human being has. No scientist in their right mind would ever deny this.  Would you rather use a computer that understands 40,000,000 bits of information a second or 4,000 bits of information a second? Exactly my point! 🙂  This process takes 10-15 minutes.

After cleaning out my digestive system and inputting or reaffirming information in my conscious and unconscious mind I go directly to my altar.  Sounds ethereal right? Well not so much… I have my marble and quartz cup of life on the top shelf, second shelf down is the daily focus book, and the third shelf down is my affirmations and anchoring processing center.

Currently my daily focus book that’s on the second shelf is Tony Robbins Giant Steps: Small changes to Make A Big Difference – 365 Daily Lessons in Self-Mastery. It’s a simple paragraph a day for 365 days that help bring attention and focus to particular aspects of life that might have been missed before. Some lessons are great, others are good, and some are life changing.  This read takes 1 minute.

Last shelf down, is the anchoring process. I’ve found this to be the most immediately noticeable process in shaping my day. In fact, I use this shelf the most. In order for us to be in control of our minds, bodies, and spirit we must be able to control them on demand. This takes a considerable amount of practice but I have a few tips, tricks, and secrets that will help you do this faster and get more from it sooner.

The secret relies on 3 things, consistency, 1 precise bodily movement, and a memory of an experience that you had that made you feel the way you want to feel right now.
For example, let’s say you want to be more happy. Doesn’t everyone? To be more happy we must practice being more happy and we will become more happy. Easy right? Yup! So, to start remember a time that made you the most happiest. Feel that feeling. Enjoy the sensations and experiences that came with that moment of pure happiness! Put yourself in that moment right now. Make the picture BIGGER, BRIGHTER, more DETAILED. Make the pictures BIGGER THAN LIFE!  Feel good, right? Yes, just like that. Do this right now…. Perfect!

Ok, now I want you to anchor that feeling to a movement. It could be a snapping your finger, a smile, touching of the nose, rubbing of the belly, whatever you want…. It’s totally up to you! Anything will work as long as your remember what it is, stay consistent with it, and make it your own. For me, I use humor and I rub my belly and laugh at the same time. When I’m at an event where there is people and I don’t want to look SUPER silly, I’ll just slightly rub my belly and laugh internally. It works the same way because I conditioned myself to operate this way. You can do this too!!!! 🙂 It’s super fun to build these anchors into our lives and condition ourselves to be in control of our emotional states.

The anchoring process takes literally 3 minutes. I run through 10 anchors. Focus, Motivation, Humor, Power, Calmness, Perceptive, Courage, Wealth, Happiness, and Gratefulness.  I’ve found these to be in line with my goals and provides me with a range of emotions that are easily available to me on demand. Because I practice these, they become my normal emotional routines… We are creatures of habit anyways, might as well make conscious effort to create our own habits! Right? 🙂

After I go through my morning preparation ritual, I reward myself with coffee, protein shake, and super meal!
30 minutes

Lastly, is the brief calisthenics workout and yogic stretch! I have fun with this and do whatever I read my body as needing. Typically I focus on back stretches since my back typically is tight from Crossfit and sitting a lot at a desk.
15 minutes. 

Shower, shave, and get all hansom. – 30 minutes tops.

So, the morning ritual for success takes about 1.5 hours to complete and frames the rest of the day for amazingness!

What do you do for your morning rituals?

Remember sharying is caring! 🙂

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