Mindful Cleaning

Spring-Cleaning-for-your-Mind-273x300Our memories are as interesting as the stars in the sky. They flash, sparkle, and glow as radiating photos of light and energy transferring from one part of space to another and all in milliseconds delay.

Time, space, and energy….

What in the heck does that even mean to you?

Ever have a conversation with yourself inside your mind?

Ever think about something and forgot what you were in the middle of doing something else.

Impulses of energy inside your mind.

Ever wonder what it would be like to shut that off?

Incredible quietness, patience, peace, and clarity for focus.

Try it… For 3 minutes. yup that is 90 seconds! I bet you $20 YOU CAN’T QUIET YOUR MIND FOR 90 Seconds.

With enough practice you will be able to do this for 15 minutes and when that happens you will have more control over your life than you ever imagined.



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