Magnetic Attraction you feel your body vibrating right now?
Pay Attention to the vibrational frequency your body is resonating at. It can be increased and decreased depending on what you think about. Pretty cool huh?

This vibrational state is the mechanism by which you can attract and repel things.

What kinds of things?

Just about anything physical… Get creative and try it out!

The concept behind the vibrational state is based on the frequency equilibrium concept. All things want to vibrate or resonate at the same frequency. If they don’t, friction or stress starts to manifest.

A couple of examples: Ever hear music that is does not have matching tempo or pitch? Sounds horrible, right?  How about this, are you ever around someone that just makes you feel uncomfortable and they never said or did anything to you to cause you to feel this way? How about being attracted to something or someone just because it felt “right”. These are two examples of frequency vibrations that we interpret as feelings. Our big bright antennas (bodies) pick up on these vibrational states of matter around us and we interpret the vibrations that are bodies start resonate at. When our bodies start to resonate with another frequency that makes us feel uncomfortable we move away, but if we feel a vibrational state that we like we move towards that.

What we like, we tend to gravitate to. 🙂

You may be asking, “how to I attract the things I want?”
Great question! That’s the secret to life that few teach but many allude to.  Practice is key and results of anything worthwhile can never be had in one try. Ok, the nitty gritty. Meditation is the practice. You first need to learn about your range of frequencies. Start high and push up as high as possible and then slowly go move the vibrational state down to low frequency. Sometimes thinking about a RED BALL in your mind and making it vibrate will help your body syncronize with it. Make the ball vibrate, in your mind, and start high, push up through your peak and then back down to the trough. Good!

Now that you learned about your range, next is to pay attention to your interpretive feeling of different parts of your range. An easy way to do this is cut up your range into 5-7 parts. Start at the lowest frequency, pay attention to how your body feels at this. Ask yourself, “Do I like how this feels”. Then go up to the next section and do the same until you get to the top part of your range. Next time you do this, cut the sections into more pieces until you feel like you have hit the majority of the points of your range.
NOTE: You will also find out that your range will get bigger as you practice. This is a good thing!

After you have mastered the range and the interpretation of the sections of these ranges, pay attention to the vibration of other things… People, rocks, trees, animal, electronic devices, lights, etc…. You will become very receptive to what other molecular entities are. After you are aware of them, pay attention to how they make your body interpret the feeling of it. This is a very peculiar step. You will start to find things that make you go hmmmm…. Why do I feel that way towards this thing… Explore these questions. They often lead to deep assumptions your mind has placed on this thing. It could be good or bad but these clues are hidden gems to personal biases that may or may not serve you.
Next is the ATTRACTION part…
How do you attract that which you desire. Vibrate at the level of the thing you want to attract. That’s it!
Money, Love, Friends, Opportunities, Animals, Rocks…. lol Get creative!

The last part…
Amplify the intensity of the vibrational frequency you are in. Change your frequency level and then amplify it. Make it BIGGER, LOUDER, STRONGER, MORE POWERFUL!
Remember to stay at the same frequency, just increase the amplification or power of it.

So, you might be thinking, “Oh this is hocus pocus, new age think happy thoughts crap.”
Well know this, all things are energy. Get down to the atomic level of our human bodies and we will find that we are fluctuations of energy that is radiating in and out of existence. Electrons act crazy, (double slit theory?!?) and we are made up of more empty space than we are physical.  Our energy vibrates and we see each other as physical beings because our eyes can only interpret a small percentage of the spectrum.

What we see is only a small part of what exists…. Open your mind to the possibilities all energy, ideas, and things are vibrating at certain frequencies.

What frequency do you vibrate at?

What do you want to attract into your life?
Be specific with what you desire. See it, hear it, taste it, smell it, and feel it. Use all the senses to make it as real as possible in your mind. This will help you radiate your energy level at the same frequency as what you desire. The more you make it real the better. Make the experience bigger and more detailed. BLOW IT UP IN YOUR MIND! ENJOY IT AND CELEBRATE THE RECEIVING OF IT, GIVE THANKS AND GRATITUDE FOR YOUR NEW GIFT and then send it out of your body and into the universe.

Give gratitude again! Just because…

I’m contemplating about telling my story about my experience with this today…. Perhaps, if I get more time this evening I will.

Thanks for reading my 20 minute post on Magnetic Attraction!

If you want to find out about the crazy double slit theory…. Check out this video!

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