Leadership – Excellence – Winning rant and rave number 20518

Leadership is better taught through example.
Respect is gained from working alongside those in the trenches.
Winning is manifested from enduring through the losses.
Excellence comes from grinding on our craft, shaping our mind, body, and spirit until our fingers bleed, our hands are ripped to shreds, our bodies on fire, our minds screaming “quit” and yet we continue to endure.
Our souls pushing for more.
It’s the fight for control.
Whatever part backs down, loses.
But only from the spirit inside, we arise from the brink.
It’s the light.
It’s the hope.
It’s the passion.
The Love.
The Peace.
The Freedom.
In everything you do, let your light shine.
It’s brilliant!
Never surrender, never surrender, never surrender, never ever ever surrender.
You are alive.
You are free.
Love one another as you would love thee.

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