I have a dream…

Don’t even think about asking yourself, “is this the life I dreamed of?”
After that, don’t question what would need to change in order to live my dream life.
NEVER ask yourself, “What is really holding me back?”
Because when all the excuses disappear, we will find that it is our small minds that makes the excuses for us to give up before trying.
The question is, are you worth your life?
Are you worth taking a chance on yourself?
The answer is YES! YOU ARE WORTH IT and will always be.
Even those who died trying, look back on their life with pleasure because they took the leap of faith and believed.
Does anyone want to die with regret?
Then why do we refuse to be bold and conquer our fears that holds us back?
Because… it’s easy and only requires laziness to stay stuck in the status quo.
Don’t even ask yourself how would you feel if you did succeed because it might just move you to take action, right now!
I have a dream and I believe in you.

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