Hey Encyclopedia You Look Like A Bum!

Hey Movember, I don’t know if your worth it. You look like a bum and people wonder if you are for real! Sure you tell em’ it’s no shave November or ask a ninja like question, “so… who else is doing Movember?”, while knowing full well by the clean faces in the room, you’re the only Jackass that looks like a bum… Sure you still get the compliments like, “you’re like an encyclopedia” or something of supernatural sorts… (Thanks Mom for that Encyclopedia set when I was 5!)

Yet, my sales conversion ratios have dropped, even though I’m doing something worth a good cause… So, what’s the deal?Hobo_-_banner

Sure…. Cancer awareness is important but I’m starting to think, HEALTH AWARENESS should be the most important and the focus for everyone, every month. It shouldn’t be about not having something, it should be about having something. For instance, why be aware of colon cancer when it could be more important to be aware of colon health…. See we should be focussing on the positive and not focusing on the negative, even if it’s to eradicate the negative. Think about race car drivers, they are taught at 180mph to look at where they WANT TO GO, not where they don’t want to go. They look at the track and not the wall. Why not take this philosophy when trying to make a positive impact in the world.

Yet, in reality… Most guys don’t give a shit. Unless they can’t shit… Then they say, “oh shit”….  and that’s when guys are like, “we need to get our shit together”. Then they actually start to give a shit. It’s because shit got real!

Well, if we are all paying attention to the realities of human health and vitality, we all will understand that our health is the number 1 most important things in our lives. Because it is our life. Without it we don’t have a life. Our health is our foundation for all things successful to be built on top of.

What you focus on, you will find.

Try not to think about a purple elephant…. What did you just do? Think about a pink elephant first then try to not think about it? What doesn’t that have to say? lol….. Catch my drift? Kind of confusing, especially to the unconscious part of our minds!

Wisdom teachers from all parts of time and around the world have stated, we become what we think about…. I’ll add we become even what we TRY not to think about.  How about thinking about something of highest value and importance.

I know this is somewhat rambling but I have to keep this extra short… Can’t even revise so eat away!

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Are you doing no shave november?

If you are into health, check out this book. I think you will really enjoy it.


When December hits, make sure you have a nice razor prepared to whack that beard!

Try this out for size…

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