Brain Programing Zombie and Drunken Monkeys

I love brains…. BRAINS…. BRAINS!!! MORE BRAINS!
Similar to zombies but I’m not motivated to eat them, yet… Muahaha!

Learning about brains, playing with Brain Programming, and making my brain more optimized to perform at higher cognitive levels is an addiction of mine.

I simply love the fact that we can condition ourselves to be better and more enlightened people by actually giving a shit about other people, things, and ourselves. Even better, actually putting into action the steps that are required to grow, adapt, and to provide for others. In the end, it’s really about how much we give and not what we receive. Despite what all my selfish friends and family actually think, this is the truth and the key to a long happy and fulfilling life of abundance, “GIVE MORE THAN YOU RECEIVE”. It makes for a happy brain and helps with learning and programming by a multiple of 5!

Ok, so now that ethics and morality are out of the picture, Kant will be happy and now we can move on to some more facts and fun!

Did you know…

  • Every day our brains operate on the same amount of electricity as a 10w light bulb!
  • Every 7 years we have totally new bodies!
  • There are more cells in our bodies than stars in the galaxy!
  • Cells in our body react to our thoughts. (Think happy thoughts and you can fly like Peter Pan!)

Battle: Unconscious Vs. Conscious

Unconscious Mind- 

  • 40,000,000,000 bits of information per second
  • Servant to the conscious mind
  • Requires repetition, authority, and emotion to program.
  • Does NOT process negatives. Only use positive affirmations.
  • Works with symbols and metaphors.
  • Takes everything personal and stores everything!
  • Moral and ethical – Gemini Cricket
  • Only Present Time – Does not know history or future.

Conscious Mind-

  • 40 bits per second
  • Bound to Past and Future
  • Thinks Abstractly
  • Sets Goals and Judges Results.

WOW! The unconscious mind kids the conscious minds ass! So why the heck do we focus most of our learning and development on the conscious mind when the ALL STAR unconscious mind is where the real power is? I have a feeling this is due to the EGO… Our EGO’s SCREAM FOR PROOF! When we don’t give it reasonable proof, it scoffs in disbelief and says, ” SEE I TOLD YOU SO!”

Real geniuses know that they must focus on the ocean of the unconscious mind to become a more enlightened fellow. There are many ways to tap into the unconscious for programming! One of my favorites are photo reading, meditation, rituals, and magic! According to the wisdom tradition of Buddhism, in order to live in a state of bliss and joy and to program ourselves to be super human, we must quiet the Drunken Monkeys that chatter 5,000+ unnecessary things in our minds a day. The drunken chatter monkeys say whatever they want based on the programming they’ve learned. They are awful dirty little creatures that rob us of time, energy, resources, and hope.

According to psychology today, positive people’s internal chatter is roughly 70% negative.

With all these drunken lies and bullshit chatter running through our heads every day, it’s not hard to see why most people aren’t successful. We literally psych ourselves out because we are afraid of failing, success, being wrong, or whatever the flavor of the moment is… Kind of sucks for man kind huh? So, let’s get out the guns and shoot them drunken monkeys one by one. As they appear, grab your mental guns and fire away! Watch them disappear one by one. Oh, do this feel good! House cleaning is what I call this practice.

After, the drunken monkeys are shot, it’s time to bask in 68 seconds of love. That is right, in your minds theatre turn on all the lights and recall or project the feeling of love. Feel this for 68 seconds or more and it will radically change how you feel. The more you practice the less time it takes and the longer it lasts! Remember, when you feel good your neural synapses makes 5x more connections that are stronger than if you weren’t happy or feeling loved!

So, now is the time to eat brains, I mean program your brain for love and shoot drunken monkeys!

lol….  Now Keep Calm and Zombie On!




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