All work and no play makes Jack a full boy. . . Though the Jack hiding in you is possible to believe ever to be dull. . . Just in accessible.

I do what I love and I love what I do. My work is my play… exercise, meditation, self development, and masonry are my outlets for escaping business but in the end these help my professional career too. I try and live an integral life where my human needs are being fulfilled within the work that I do and the activities that I participate in. I carefully plan out these aspects in order for it to work properly. I also volunteer and donate my time to people, charities, and non profit organizations that are in need.

This wasn’t always the case, during my marriage I fell off the horse and dove 100% into making money so that my exwife could buy all the material things she demanded. The work/life imbalance was detrimental to my relationship but God blessed me with a wake up call. Thankfully, I listened and learned quickly. I suppose it helped having to live in my car for a small amount of time.

Confucius said, “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.”

The beauty behind marketing and business, for me, is it’s a mixture between human psychology, biology, business, creating relationships, and being of service to others while giving value.

It’s really the perfect mix for me. The more I learn about others and being human, the more I learn about myself. The more I learn about myself and others, the more I can teach.

I modified this proverb as I think it’s the next progression in human evolution.
” If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. If you teach him to fish, he will eat for a lifetime. If you teach a man to teach other men to fish, you will feed generations of nations.”

We all have needs, desires, fears, hopes, and dreams. To me, overcoming fear is by far the most important as it is the devil that holds us back from truly connecting and being one with the divine. Fear of failure was the biggest restriction on my life’s journey and the biggest lesson I’ve had to learn.

I have a morning ritual that touches on all the aspects of my personal development. These rituals allow me to work on connecting and centering myself to be the best human I can possibly be. I guess it’s a way for me to bring balance, growth, and continued awareness of the many facets of self. To access these facets, is to access the very nature of self. We all have aspects of ourselves that need to continued development and to growth. Growth makes us happy! Becoming stagnant = depression.

To be 100% honest, this development is really teaching me to get out of the way and let God do his work through me. It’s not me, but the great architect of the Universe.

I believe we all can live extraordinary lives when we challenge ourselves to move beyond our small minds and into higher levels of consciousness. Then, our cups will never be full as life is abundant, rich, full, and over runs into the cups of those below.

In the end, my whole goal in life is to seek wisdom and get understanding. Through this journey, there is never an end but a lifetime of happiness.

lol… sorry about the rant. 😉 hehehe I often get motivated and passionate and start speaking without filter. I know, for most people, this sounds absolutely crazy but I find more truth through in this than any other direction I’ve traveled.

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