Flow Master Wisdom From The Hot Tub.

I just found something better than meditation… meditation in a hot tub! MMMM. =) Scan the body, objectify sensations, and allow.

New #Flow #Master #Wisdom learned: When we look into the future, we more often than not, see it through the lenses of our past. So the past is actually living and creating our future based on our minds filtration of seeing the future through the lens of the past. (think about it)

Take away: Accept the future holds infinite possibilities. Take action creating real experiences through choice that’s free of self limitations from stories of the past.

Being: Living with #integrity.. I’ve found it’s not necessarily just about being ready for change, change is constant, it’s about creating intentional change through the lenses of the mind, word, and action.

Do I want to be reactive to the outside world allowing that to create my reality or be proactive in creating my reality from within and sticking through hardships?

When being in alignment with integrity, we show up differently to the universe, others, and ourselves. We stop tripping the bullshitter switch and we begin to see the truth of our real being.

We all lie to ourselves everyday with stories. Ever say trying to “figure out” this or that… Really we are making up this and that and trying to feel comfortable with whatever story we make up… Literally creating “make believe” stories in our mind.

How do we know the reality of the future when all we have is the present right, here, right now?

It’s about following through, committing to our intentions, our words, our actions, and ultimately our self.

What’s your reality right now?
Are you where you want to be?
Do you feel how you want to feel?
What are your excuses?
What are you willing to change and commit to in order to have, do, be, and experience the things you desire?

Making new sets of decisions, changing past habitual behaviors, all while living with integrity.

My questions to self, for the day.
How do I want to show up in the world for myself?
How do I want to show up in the world for others?

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