“How A Brand New Dad Built A Million Dollar Lead Generation Business In 6 Months After Getting Fired From His Job!”

– Learn how you can get paid to build one too without all the catastrophes…

It all started here with just this screen and desire.

Less than $100 in usable startup capital and not a clue what the hell to do.

I just got fired from my job… was moving across county and 2-weeks prior, I found out my girlfriend was pregnant.

Classic catastrophe… Right?

But this time, the story was happening to me.

I was scared shitless.. Frantic… Truthfully lost.

And thinking about it now, I remember vividly writing on my bathroom mirror. “Ryan, Laser Focus” because I had ONE GOAL: Make Money Fast!!!!

I set out to build a business that wasn’t the unpredictable rollercoaster ride of freelancing income. Or a job that would lock me in the golden handcuffs of an employer because I refused to put my family’s security in emergency again. 

As you know, the world is changing and it moves fast. Too fast for some and life requires more than it once did. More energy. More money. More done in less time. And honestly one or two income streams isn’t enough today. And when crazy changes happen in the world, industries can be put out of business, overnight.

With a browser, I set out determined and ready to make my move. But, as I got started working on my first product, reality set in and then my emotional shadows came up to beat me in the face bare-nuckle and ready to wrap it’s hands around my neck and then I started to sabotage my own work.

The power that I generated to produce results, was also producing time-bombs down the road I had no idea I would re-encounter. I was completely ignorant and stumbling over my own feet.

And then I did the unthinkable…

The exact thing, I said I wouldn’t do! I broke away from the creed and stopped laser focussing. The “Selfie-Makeup” idea… I got from watching girls in a mall makeup shop taking pics of themselves after applying their juicy colors. “Lusciously Red” dripping wet lip gloss or eye batting black lux lashes, they would take a picture and post on social media. Brilliant I thought in the moment… but then in application, boring to me.

Early on, my intuition told me it was a bad idea for the time…but I didn’t listen. So I concluded, right then, it was time to let go of everything I believed to be true. And time was counting down. Losing 2 weeks on a “Dumb Business Idea” hurt and now my baby Lily was going to be born in a just 4 months.

How was I supposed to reach my goal now?

So, I did what any wise entrepreneur would do… During the late nights I researched the markets until I was blue in the face.  “Where could I find a bad-ass niche to tap?“ I wondered.

-> I knew I wanted to get into a quickly growing, low competition niche, that was high ticket and fast sales. 

I wanted something that didn’t put a cap on my income potential and didn’t require much of my time. I wanted to build ONE thing that would produce high leverage sales opportunities and sell it to multiple companies across the worlds. Most importantly, I wanted it to be millionaire potential.

I looked at the stock exchanges for new booming bubbles or red hot industries. Day after day… Digging through data. Trying to find the home run market. Then finally one day…

I fell apart. I couldn’t do it anymore… I thought about getting a job. Finding something “secure”… I was low and about to give up. Until a friend called me about a client he was working with so naturally I asked a ton of questions and stumbled upon something I found in my research. I decided to lean in closer.

But how could I get first hand experience of this amazing un-tapped niche? The light bulb went off… I changed out of my pajama’s, got dressed up to look the part, and acted like a customer.

I scheduled a couple consultations and went in for local consults. Afraid as all hell, I took a trip through the sales process, journeyed through the experience that millions of other people went through, watching like a hawk for any opportunity I could tap.

To my surprise… the sales process was awful… and a perfect fit for me to fix! Yet, I looked like a fluke. I was NOT the target customer for this market. In fact, the product wouldn’t even work for me. The business owner told me not to go commodity cheap markets to get serviced because they will want my money and the product wouldn’t do anything for me.

After a long conversation with the poor business owner, I realized there was a lot of opportunity here. I found the market that was growing and I found the pain that would move the appointment-to-sale fast!

These business owners spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on technology they couldn’t sell and it was sucking their profits dry!

[Pro Tip: Find the pain, find the problems, find the dumb processes and inject your value into them!]

So, what to do next?

– I Started writing my sales process

  • What was my offer going to be?
  • What was my process going to look like?
  • What was my technology?
  • Who was going to help me when I started to scale?

The questions went on and on… And the overwhelm caused confusion. What if I did something wrong in front of everyone? They would see me as a newbie or worse… fraud!  What if they caught me red handed, with my pants down hanging around my ankles..bare white-ass exposed for everyone to stare at… and laugh? I would lay awake at night… wondering, “Is this right for me” – “would they demonize me in front of everyone?” –  “Would they smell new blood on me? Am I The Foolish Fresh Meat?”

My deep ignorance for the industry was making me insecure but by now, I was only a couple weeks into the research and I kept reading that Red Writing on the mirror…

“L-A-S-E-R Focus.”

And so, I continued…Trying….And Trying….And Trying….  Remembering my “Why” and knowing deep in my heart this work wasn’t just for me, it was for my baby girl.

One bright afternoon, on a June summer day – gold flakes of success fell from the heavens!

Linkedin brought me HOT LEADS – begging me to contact them!

And if you knew this old niche, it’s the hardest offline markets to break into. In weeks hot leads were knocking my door down! Saying to me… “call my sell asap – 515-978-8087”

Message after message…”Call me” – “Call me” – “Call me” – “Call me” – “Call me” At a rate of speed, I had no idea was possible. But after jumping on the phone with them, I lost all momentum because I had NO CLUE what to say… and at that time didn’t even know what to sell them…

FUCK-n-A! – “What Do I Offer?”

  • Website Design?
  • CRM Management?
  • Email Marketing?
  • Social Media?
  • SEO?
  • Facebook Ads?
  • Youtube?
  • Retargeting?
  • SMS?
  • Sales Training?

I stumbled around…Tried the usual agency approach. YUCK! I hated that old service model. It sucked and was poorly scalable. Everyone was doing it and worse of all customers did’t even understand it. So education was required… BLAH-BLAH-BLAH I had no time for that shit.

Probing these leads for their desires asking weird and absurd questions… feeling like any moment they would catch me as being an imposter!

Tuesday the 23rd of June, while on the phone with a new lead, he was telling me how horrible their ads were and how little his success the marketing service companies were doing for him. He and every other business owners said, “I hired multiple companies and they didn’t provide any results.”

“What were the results you were looking for?” I asked

And these were the most common answer from all the customers I worked with…

“I just want leads coming in and I want my phone to ring!”At last, I thought, I found exactly what the market demanded!

Strangely… They wanted the same thing that was already working for me on linkedin and my google voice number. My leads were coming in and the phone was blowing up, surely I could help my clients with this problem. Right?

What I found FASCINATING and counterintuitive to most freelancers… Customers don’t care about services provided. They don’t care about Websites. SEO. PPC. Social Media. Email Marketing… 

But after digging deeper, I found more opportunity.

  1. They cared about Leads…
  2. They cared about Appointments…
  3. They cared about Sales…
  4. They cared about Reviews….
  5. They cared about Referrals….
  6. They cared about Repurchases….

“EURKEA! – This is IT!!!!!”

Remember the “LASER Focus” that I had written on my bathroom mirror in bright red marker?

The same message I stared at for months? Until now, I had no clue what it truly meant for me.

L.A.S.3R  – That was it!!! This was the moment I was looking for!

And while on the phone with a new lead, he was telling me how horrible their ads were and how little his success was with marketing service companies. I told him, “sounds like you have a lead problem, does that sound true to you?”

He replied, “YES!”

The First Sale!

ONE of the best days of my adult life… I closed that “Yes” client, 5 states away, sight unseen, in only 3 conversations!

Bringing in over $15,000 in revenue and $11,000 in profit while, sending over 2,000 highly targeted visitors with precise demographics to my own customer branded website, while building my retargeting pixels to 2k+ and my email list to 464.

Yes, I got paid to build my list and audience. 🙂 

Excited, I sped up the process and started doing heavy volume and during this time my daughter was born. 🙂 

3 weeks later out of  NO-WHERE, the problem hit…

Facebook Ads Shut Down – 

When your only traffic source comes screeching to a halt, so does your business, and worse your customers business. A lot is riding on your shoulders and when stuff breaks, you are the go to for questions, comments, concerns, and attacks… and remember you can’t take it personal.

You can only come from a place of love and offer to help fix any current issues.

So I took a multi-step approach to fixing the problem with Facebook. I did the whole: Call, email, chat, and set up multiple other accounts. I scrambled quickly, creating as many success pathways as possible. Each path has it’s benefit/upsides and risks/downfalls. Speed to live, was the most important value here. So, I used mini-pockets of downtime in between to create alternative solutions.

Finally after 10 days of fighting with Facebook, I got the account back up and running and had a backup system in case they ever messed with me again. A couple days later, I get a Facebook Ad Rep. YES! – From what I hear you have to be doing a LOT to be special enough get those… To this day, I still don’t know why I got this luxury. Bitching might and thanking might have been the cause.

Pro Tip:  Set up multiple ad accounts and pages before running a single dollar. Share your pixels and audiences so if the account get’s taken down, you have a backup.   

After the Facebook shut down fiasco I got contacted by a client. His ROI was down, his leads were coming in on a WIN FREE offer. Looking back, that was a rookie mistake. And his sales team didn’t want to spend much time cultivating the leads. Like most lazy sales folk… They just wanted to take orders. 

So, I set up a cultivation system to help the leads get closer to buying. I was focussing first on the appointment setting part and then the sales closing part. Truly A Step-By-Step Process. Then I hired an email copy-writer to write the 7 stage email copy. After running that for 5 days, I got this nice little email back…

“My Attorney Will Be Contacting You About Damages!”

The first client I landed, sent me that nasty email with a nice little lawsuit threat…and a request to jump on a call, now. To my surprise, the copywriter I hired to write emails wrote a “bad” word in there…causing the owner to cringe with anger that it came from their brand.

“WHY would you EVER write that?” — The client shouted in disgust. “We don’t represent THAT garbage here.”

I replied… ” I didn’t write it sir and the copywriter who did, was just fired… I’m incredibly sorry for this, but on a lighter note the email reply you got from the lead was actually asking about pricing information and not about the “nasty” word in question. She was actually giving you buying cues!”

“You’re done! – This is over. Send me everyone who got this email and my attorneys will assess the damage to my brand that you caused!”

No joke. I started to cry on the phone, with him and his staff. Cried like a baby. Honestly, I felt defeated… For the last 2 months I slept only a few good hours because my baby was having colic episodes and allergic reactions to lactate. She would cry and be up most of the night… This wore me down, wore my partner down more than anything we’ve ever been through before.

I had little energy left and was operating on pure desperation…

– A Thief Enters As Competitor #1 –

With a few clients on board, I was traveling at the time back home to see family… 10 Hour Drive with an infant is fun… to say the least. While checking my trusty linkedin account, I see this message, “Hey- thanks for the tagline, I’m going to use that for a while and see how it works!”

I got swiped by my competition! He took one of my golden linkedin secret nuggets. Shit! What was I supposed to do… So, I freaked out… ran around for a little bit… and started to wonder, what would an abundant mentality do???

I messaged him… then ultimately, long story short hired him for a client, paid him a nice chunk of change and borrowed his ads and funnel, until I figured out a WAY better approach the lead funnels. Karma 😉

– Client Success!

Lisa Prestige Gives Video ReviewHeading back home, another miracle happened. The new client that came in from an unpaid sales professional who never wanted a penny of commission struck gold with my leads! 400% ROI in 45 days… and we were OFF to the R.A.C.Es!

Quickly, I jumped on as soon as possible with her. Recorded the interview, slapped it up on facebook and linkedin to bring me in more leads! From this came magic, I had no idea was about to unfold.

I posted the video on facebook and ran ads to everyone I thought would be interested. And from this furry of work, a FREIGHT TRAIN of business started coming in. $7.5k sales days were consistent until something big hit me in a way and I never thought would turn out like this. ;/

Second legal threat

Coming home one late night with friends and family, I see my alert on Facebook ads to discover the billion dollar enterprise, I was promoting, took down my customer testimonial ad video. But I thought about it that night. And at this point my clients success would surely be fuel for celebration. Surely, they would LOVE my work and results. I was making their businesses’s look like stars!

Feeling omnipotent, I contacted him, reached out on multiple channels, email, phone, Facebook, and I even went as far as connecting with his wife. The next day I get a call from him, “Ryan, this is #name# and I got your messages. The reason for the problem is, you infringed on our trademark using our name promoting your services. You need to remove our name from your website and not place them in your videos.”

I replied confidently, “This is YOUR customer talking about THEIR experience with YOUR company, and how MY LEADS are bringing them in 400% ROI. Wouldn’t you like to see, ALL of your customer getting a 400% ROI because 80% of them are flopping. That’s why they come to me. Don’t you think this is in your best interest? I took a struggling business with your product and scaled their revenue in 3 months to higher numbers than they made ALL YEAR!”

“I understand what you are saying, and this came to me from marketing and they requested me to reach out to you. I’m simply, following orders.” he patiently replied.

I knew, I wasn’t going to win this one so I quickly changed my tone, tried to come back into alignment with him and join “his” side.

I replied, “Hey,I know Lindsey back in Marketing, we had a couple conversations last month, was it her who spoke to you?”

“No, it wasn’t her but you still need to take everything down.”

“Ok, thank you for reaching out to me, I wish you would have said something before reporting me to FACEBOOK, that kind of messes up my account and if that goes down, I can’t help your company.”

After our call, I immediately blocked out their  IP’s from my servers, removed their whole town from my marketing materials and complied with their requests. Still to this day, I think their marketing team felt intimidated.

I couldn’t believe an enterprise company would do that to themselves, their customers, and most importantly their customers customers. That decision would cost them millions. But at thier size… millions look like chump change.

I continued my direct response marketing and sent more traffic into my lead funnels.

Monster Sales – Three $25k Days – In A Row!

Even after getting my video taken down, I figured out how to market to my niche. I tackled three other approaches, built out an efficient but SIMPLE SALES FUNNEL and started driving traffic. Low… Low Low amounts of traffic. But it was targeted and that’s the key.

The week was crazy,  I was selling HUGE packages per month on monthly retainers. Day after day after day, the revenue was exploding and so were the profits. Linkedin was bringing me in leads like crazy because my content was attracting my niche like wild wolves on chili-cheese hot dogs.

And one of the COOLEST things I discovered, how to get sales teams to refer new customers.… without asking for a single dollar in return.

Active Campaign Shut Down = New Tech Stack

I started with Gravity Forms Linked With Zapier To Google Spreadsheets… but the set up was a nightmare and using zapier sucked because it could take up to 15 minutes before the client would get a lead. BAD NEWS! Harvard studies indicated you call a lead back in 5 minutes or less and you are 300% more likely to get in contact with them.

One of the biggest problems I found in building a Lead Gen business was using existing technologies to manage, organize, and distribute leads in a timely manner. Parting pieces together would end up costing time, energy, and effort.

So, I moved to using Active Campaign to pull in the leads and distribute them to their respected owners as well as holding the leads in their independent Deal Flow. Each client had their own logins and could manage and track their leads to the sale. I used the LAS3R model in the deal flows and customer LOVE the simplicity.

I figured out how to automate 1 email funnel for thousands of businesses in the same niche. Simply using personalization fields in the the from, to, reply-to and fields associated with each lead has their clinics ownership info in the fields. So, now you can also, easily see the lead owners information in the contact record, PLUS – 1 email automation series per hundreds of customers! No more cloning emails! Get it?

You learn this shit when you are in the weeds and these 2 things alone saved me 15-25 hours a week in time… See the pain getting resolved? Resistance being removed?

Three weeks after getting clients integrated into the system, AC shut me down.

How do you get your lead distribution company up and running again? – Email, Call, Chat, Social, Personal Network, Slack, People In The Company’s Social, BOOOOOOGGGGIEEEEE! In 2 days, I had to explain my complex tech build to them so they understood my business model. Finally, we got back live. Don’t die. Stay alive. Move. Work until you get the result.

Round House Kick To The Face! Billion Dollar Company Is BACK! =(

Remember that billion dollar enterprise? Well they found and closed down my lead gen website!

Bringing my business back to a screaming halt with customers wondering again what the hell just happened? “WHY am I not getting leads that I paid for?”

Damn it, I thought, why didn’t I know any better… Even though I was marketing their product for their clients… Trademark Infringement roundhouse, with a big slap by facebook, and a delisting from google. Still, all I wanted to do was scream nasty profanity. I was about done.

But that foolish ignorance of mine actually paid off because they let me go and from that problem, sparked a genius idea I would have never ran into!

  • Why build off of someone else’s brand, when I can build my own brand?
  • Why send emails from my clients domains and instead send from my own branded domain?

I had to rebuild everything with this ONE amazing upside!

Literally, start damn near fresh tech, from nothing AGAIN. The problem I was now facing, the amount of demand on my time was exceeding my availability. So, I did what every entrepreneur would do, hire. I tried to hire my competition… that didn’t work well but the information I got was well worth the money I paid to hire them.

But they wanted too much of the profit, and I didn’t want to me middle-man without any control. I tried to hire multiple VA’s…. to fail… and about crash my business. Losing thousands of dollars on paid traffic to my website in just a couple days.

I dove back in for a couple days and nights and got the site back up. I luckily cloned the old site and copy/pasted it on the domain. The website, was customer facing so I wanted to align with the customer as much as possible. Be their confidant. Be their protector. Be them. The avatar alignment was key. [Learn how on the webinar]

At the last straw, I started a corporate partnership with another firm, to end it in 45 days and almost overnight, while one of the partners was speaking at Necaur Island with Richard Branson…None of these methods were working for me… I was struggling to scale above my mark and nothing was working.

Still working the whole business on my own… q/a emails, “customer calls”, training… managing ads… tracking metrics… improving the funnels… building out and cloning funnels for new customers…

The repetitious work that was grinding away at me…was sinking my will power.

Out of desperation, I figured out how to reduce the amount of work to set up each new client. I branded my own company to use as the lead generation system and through all the hardships… stressful nights… and failures… I made it through with more opportunity than I ever thought possible.

And I gave back… Probably more than most would say was necessary… but that worked out. Give first. Give as much as you can. From this whole experience I became one of the most influential and looked-up-to authority figures in my niche market place… Even after I got my 7 year old Linkedin Account shut down for trying to use a faster process…  I’ve built many linked accounts that attract desire and funnels it into my bank account. [Learn to do this on the webinar]

From one of my linkedin connections, one of these sales pro’s asked me to fly out for a New York Speaking Engagement so I could pitch in front of my audience. I couldn’t ever believe months before, I would be asked to come out to a prestiges dinner and talk about lead generation.

I ran into obstacles along the way that so many people would chalk up as they weren’t ment for the results or the work… “Maybe I’m not cut out for this..” BULLSHIT!  Like the universe is somehow saying no to you? That’s total garbage. Resistance is coded into the very nature of everything. How you handle resistance indicates how powerful you are. And you have the ability to increase your power. All types of power.

The biggest reason I pushed through my resistance was clear, my family.

I thought I needed it desperately, to support them and I was determined to do it no matter what. There were no boats to take me back anywhere. I was in a place I’ve never lived, spending 3x more on rent then my first mortgage, and was working in a niche I never heard of before.

I had more responsibility on my back than ever before. And I saw the resistance as a work out for me as a man. It was an opportunity to grow. An opportunity to show myself how powerful I can be. And to enjoy the bounty of the fruits of my labor.

Find your emotional balance.

Everyday. Every moment. You get a special opportunity to decide, what’s right for you. Crafting your mind is as important as working with your hands. But for many, emotional balance is the key to sustainable success.

I’ve found when dealing with difficult problems, being centered in my heart created the most resonance that was felt when the email was received. Magical experiences you can’t ever really explain with words. Here, the heart has super powers I didn’t even know, existed.

Slightly weird… I know. But I’m not anyone special… just a man who was desperate to make-an- honest buck in order to care for his family. And so I did… More than I dreamed was possible for me. From nothing to anything. That’s the possibility I learned. I was rewarded too.

This is just one step on my ladder. One rung on a path that I believe is infinite. The journey is the dance to the top. Each new phase provides it’s own new set of challenges, struggles, and opportunities to grow. It takes effort to climb the ladder of the self but as we do, life takes a whole new meaning.

I’m proud to say, I’ve accomplished so much in so little time. To see something. Feel something. Make something with the pieces that the world gave me. It allowed me to see.

See, the secret is to focus on identifying WHAT you are looking for. When you identify that, it’s easy to find. In fact, your subconscious mind will be looking for that in your everyday to day experience. It’s automatic. And thank GOD because my conscious mind was already busy! [Learn how to automate your mind to work for you on autopilot]


From all this experience I want you to get this one thing.Getting people to refer your products and services is easy when you can find alignment. Getting people to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into you, requires alignment. Getting sales professionals to sell for you without asking for a cent in return, requires alignment. Anything that flows and sustains movement requires alignment. Getting paid to build a brand and build an email list, required alignment.

If you want these things for yourself, you must find alignment. In fact, the more aligned you become, the faster success comes and the more momenutm you create for yourself. When you alignment occurs, flow-flows-faster, with less resistance and way more efficiency. This is the golden key to the golden handcuffs of client services.

I lost clients, won clients, got more clients, and my “sales” system was still working even after I “quit” for weeks…sometimes even months. And to be honest, I was getting more business than I could personally support or wanted to work with.


Community Of Mentors, Guides, and Life-Long Friends

From all of this, I found a mentor to help me. An old half blind-mentor who went to Drake Law school in Des Moines, Iowa.  R.A.W sharpened my mental vision and helped me focus on what was important without sweating the small stuff.

Focus on making money so I can leverage it to do me deepest life work. Take care of my family, extend value to you, and create environments where people like you and I can leverage the power of communities to cultivate progress for everyone.

To be in alignment with each others progress creates a level of power, many only see in large billion dollar corporations.

You already know this statistic, the 5 people you spend the most time with, and the environment you put yourself in, creates the space of averageness you live from and through… Step into a bigger space so when you want to grow a profitable business that creates freedom for you.

The freedom to do something even more substantial with your life.

Lead Generation is the step. The first step in LAS3R. The rest, is riches in love, wisdom, silver, and gold.

So, here’s where I invite AND encourage you to join me. Let’s build a lead generation federation that reduces your costs, sky rockets your profits, and gives you the life you’ve always known, you deserve.

A community of people just like you. Wanting the same things as you, working in separate niches but giving wise advice to more growth… or some even join with you in the same niche.

You will learn how to make a substantial untapped income that is not leverage up-front time but large markets. When you learn how to generate leads for one business, you get the basis figured out how to generate leads in any market.

Taking action, failing, and finding out how the world really works by acting in it, was the greatest most lucrative teacher I’ve ever worked with. Learning from others became the jump-start to success in EVERY growth phase of my business and of my life. Working with others who were successful before me, was also a HUGE risk protector.

If someone HAS WHAT YOU WANT  and willing to teach you how they got it, you are in a world of luck. You wont have to GO through what I had to. Nor would I want you to be stuck up, late at night in bed, worrying about your business falling apart before waking up.

You’re still working with people, right? Understanding what makes them take action is important, don’t you think?

Knowing, what seduces them for commitment and protects them from risk is incredibly important.

Now, if you are interested in going deeper, I’m offering a free webinar training where we’ll go in deeper and talk more about the “How-To’s” of building a Lead Generation Business.

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