BitCoin… Here’s Why It Works.

It’s worth more than gold.


People are jumping on it faster than you could imagine.

Adoption curve. Bitcoin hit it.

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And the masses are wanting in, NOW!

For so many of us who got in when Bitcoin was worth $5-8.00, were skeptical, and we still are. As all people should be skeptical of their storages of value. 🙂 Duh!

Yet, the reason for a bitcoin or any store of value can be worth, “ANYTHING”, is mutual belief that we are willing to buy it, use it, sell it, or trade for it. And believe it or not, people who matter are. I’ll share a story about Ezekiel below. My African developer who’s been writing code for me.

Bitcoins and Crypto Currencies are Assets being transfered in the form of Digital Representations, not much different than the federal reserve notes you have in your wallet.. or the digital stores of value in your bank account.  That aren’t really dollars or gold. It’s just a digital store of value that is represented in an accounting system. Exactly like Bitcoin and other Crypto Currency.

So, we can let go of the argument, it’s not real because what is thought to actually be real, isn’t real. It’s as real as you make it to be. Just ask those who started out when bitcoin was $5.00… it was real to them but not to you… yet!

As more adopt, the social proof goes up. The more people buy in. It’s the game all humans play. We use social cues as indicators to take action.

Assets exchanged using the Relationship quadrant as the mechanism for function. In order for bitcoin to function, relationships must be built and formed. That’s exactly what’s happening.

Simple. Easy. Psychology

The H.A.R.D things to see and look at begin to open up an idea for the mind to work with, leverage, and use to grow value. I’ll explain below.

Here’s the jam. Bitcoin will continue to increase in value. Other currencies will popup and grow. Some may die. No one understands this yet, until the masses experience it. Then it becomes “normal”.  Yet, the curve is so typical. So easy. So simple to see. All technologies go through it.

Then when we do look at the H.A.R.D. model we’ll see that bitcoin works really well. It’s working directly with the Assets. Relationships. Data and the values they BitCoin works at, are higher, than state backed fiat currencies. 

This was how I realized and knew I missed something spectacular…

I was getting a WordPress plugin developed for a lead generation business that I built. The developer asked for BitCoin as a form of payment. I was baffled. He lived in an upcoming country where developers were being created more and more. This caused me to shift how I looked at the world. Internationally it’s booming. It’s amazing. Alarming. And you don’t want to miss the shift.

And in deed, the world is shifting faster than ever. Moving. Back and Forth. Changing. Faster than ever before. There’s nothing we can do about it other than flow with it or waste energy fighting it.

Coming directly out from my first year of parenthood, I realized how quickly and easily being inside a bubble will keep you out of the flow of the world. Change that moves through people as individuals and through communities.

Right now, it’s a re-birth. A new connection. A magnificent time we are coming upon. I believe in an international interconnected world with free flowing resources, contributions, emotion, care, compassion, giving and receiving. The Arts. Sciences. Philosophy. Religions.

A merging, birthing, and explosions into re-formations for the next evolution.

The next generation.

And sitting as the vehicle of exchange. A next generation of Bitcoin is a transfer of assets beyond boarder, with the freedom of less limitation, regulations, and thievery. Yet, foolishness on any level will tilt your hand to hand poor self protection and relational victimization. Ignorance is blindness. And the opportunity is for those who will it in their hearts to see freedom flourish.

Cryptographic Currency is the next generation of Liquid Assets and people are using, buying, building, contiributing, and being rewarded for their development.

What contribution are you going to create?

What value will you give?

Time. Energy. Health. Assets. Relationships. Data.

Pick a few. See how it feels.

Next time bitcoin jumps up a couple thousand dollars per day, you’ll smile more than a gopher on a cloudy day.

Speaking of clouds… When you work with Bitcoin you need a wallet. Much like a wallet for your dollar bills. And with your wallet, you can store it in the cloud on a “secured” server or you can hold the bitcoin on your computer in a desktop wallet. The possibilities are truly endless.

The easiest,  secured, and just about fastest way to get Bitcoins. Ether. or other Crypto-Currencies.

Coinbase is a U.S. based company. Has lots of money and assets backing Coinbase. They are a well established firm. Years in business. And pretty much wont steal your shit. I would consider them a great solution for people wanting to enter into the Crypto Markets.

Join Coinbase. 

Here’s me showing you how to set up a Coinbase Monthly transaction.

In this example, I’m setting up a $70 bi-monthly BitCoin purchase.

It’s not going anywhere. It’s only going up. And we have no idea how much or what is possible. The only thing we can really look at is technology adoption curves.

The wise question in your mind should be, where are we at with the Adoption Curve?

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All I know is we’re still in the early adopters and the “The Chasm” has been crossed. Yet the question left in everyone’s mind is how fast do you want to get into the race of our lifetime.

The exiting of “old” highly regulated – outdated – technology platforms that don’t allow for open development or interconnectivity. Connectivity allows for Data to flow and when we measure, we can begin to see patterns to use for further enhancement.

It’s time to get going. It’s time to move.

Don’t sit back in wait.


Start with buying in.

Join Coinbase and load in a couple hundred bucks.

Adopt the technology. Play with it. Have some fun. See.

If anything, it’s a GREAT conversation to have with just about anyone on planet Earth.

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