How To Grow

growth-sphere Growth isn’t easy. Expanding beliefs isn’t always comfortable but the rewards are of infinite possibilities.

I’ve been pushing myself to get outside my comfort zone for so long and when it finally got easy… I realized I stopped growing. That’s when my outside reflective experience said, “Crack — Eat this toad”

See this story. See that illusion… Feel this pain and that clenching sensation. Insecurity here and there; oh it’s everywhere!

Then my mind screams to ask the question. “What am I going to do about it????” – Run, Fight, Hide, Deny, React… no… Just breath. Just breath and feel into it, right now.

Locate the emotional pattern and honor its presence. Allow wounds and trauma to bubble up from years of denial, suppression, and repression.

Sometimes it seams we don’t have a choice but to face our fears but we do have a choice. That’s the blessings of our freewill. The question is do I want to grow or stay the same?

These darks sides of our experiences are real. We have them. Most people love to watch others go through them… Hence TV and Movies. We call it entertainment but is it something more???

When it’s the movie of your life, how many times do you click the remote to turn you off and click something else to turn on a entertaining distraction?

I’ve closed my eyes, dove in deep to my greatest fears, and pet the dragon of fury. Gave him love. Shared with him the light of this life. Thanked him for the fire that he blazed outside that helps me see that which is already in, the inside.

The mirror of life reflects the experiences of your internal state. Tensions outside = tensions inside entangled in a memory of past experience(s).

The loving suggestion to self: expand and grow. Open up to even more new possibilities of being. Fuck it ain’t easy. A bit scary. Challenging… but it’s all part of life’s journey.1342163559thumb

Allow yourself to feel that which is coming up into your experience.

Big love!


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