Happy New Year

What an exiting time in my life! The biggest transformations I’ve ever experience happened last year and I’m extremely grateful.

What’s to come this year.

  • BALI!!!!! — 3 month Spiritual Quest To Bali and Eastern Asia
  • Spiritual Retreat with a focus on energy and healing
  • Writing A Book “Do you know how powerful you are?”
  • Helping 10,000 people heal through the power of love.
  • Empowering 1,000 Entrepreneurs Bust Through Their Business Plateau
  • Establishing a crypto currency
  • Start a REIT by building an international network of houses to facilitate entrepreneur growth.

It’s a lot but this year is about #Power and realizing the true nature of the power that is within our mind, body, spirit, and heat. We are more powerful than we could possibly imagine and it’s the ego and sin that keeps us down. These two enslave us into thinking we are weak, inadequate, and unable to be that which we’ve dreamed of as children.

The gifts of success are within us. It’s the light given to us to shine through us so others can see the glory and magnitude of God.

I love to hear stories of success, passion, empowerment, and success. I also love hearing when people bust through their own limiting beliefs, mental viruses, and external restrictions.

Actually, most people are held back, not by outside forces, but by internal forces.

When we realize that the things that hold us back in life are more often than not, internal forces rather than external forces, we allow ourselves to be liberated from the ego’s enslavement to do the work of a greater power.

The power is of light, love, joy, compassion and enlightenment.

When we quit covering our light up because we are afraid of what people might think, we secretly empower our brothers and sisters, moms and dads, friends and neighbors, and other beautiful people of this Earth to do the same.

People are inherently weak and the light does not come from us, it comes from divine power.

When we see the truth for what it is, we become free and alive.

Let the light shine.

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