Gettin’ Lucky? – It’s not what you think

I use to think success was about getting lucky.
I use to think success was about being at the right place at the right time.
I use to think success was about knowing the right people.
I use to think success was about being smart.
I use to think success was about doing the right things.

But success isn’t what you think.

Success is a word, defined by you and only you.

Success shall never be determined by anyone else but you.

If you let others define your success, you will never feel fulfilled.

Success starts the moment you define it.

When you begin to step into your success and move towards it, your vibrational resonance shifts. You literally begin to shake so subtly, on a cellular atomic level, invoking the law of the universe called gravity. This gravitational force attracts the things you call success. The force pulls towards you those things that shake on your vibrational level.

Success is literally what you define it. If you feel success isn’t possible for you, you are right. If you superficially believe success is about cars, houses, sexy human beings, and material stuff… You’ve missed the point… Material things are results or “effects” of your success. Believing those are the results, you will never ever achieve them. Ever.

Success is deeper.

It’s more spiritual.
It’s more heart felt.
It’s more abundant.

Look at everyone who made it “rich” quickly, do you know how high their bankruptcy rates? Their depression rates are? See how high their suicide rates?

Do you believe that is success?

I believe that’s propaganda of a lie.

The dichotomy of success is it’s internal but shows up in the world as effects. Just like the current western medicine approach of curing symptoms of the disease and not the disease itself. I’m not saying success is a disease, it’s actually the opposite. What I am saying is, success should not be defined by the effects but by the cause.

Change the cause and it changes the effects. 🙂

What’s the cause?


You can start with defining success.  Believing it’s your truth. Walking in faith without attachment to the results. Empowering your successes manifestation through heart felt action.

Watch out. Funny thing is, many times defeat is starring you in the face, tempting you to quit, give up, let go, hide, and fail…. Once this is let go, freedom comes alive and everything seems to fallinto the right place.

It’s not always easy… What growth is? The hard parts test your faith. The resistance temps your true desire to come forth. If you truly desire the level of success you define, accept it and receive it. Without receiving it, you will always push it away.

I defined success the wrong way. I believed it was everything I was not. I didn’t believe I truly deserved it. But we do. We all do. That’s our birthright. The creator created us to be in it’s image. CREATORS.

Create the magic of your life. Create the success you define. Create the abundance inside and experience it all around you.


I was homeless… Broke… Lost… Enslaved…

But I new in my heart that success was a matter of time, and it was… It doesn’t have to be a matter of time for you. It can be anything. For me, I believed I had to help people get what they deemed success and then I would get mine. It was true for me. It may or may not be for you.

What you term success is the point I’m trying to make.
How you get it is up to you…. but the funny thing is, it’s never gotten…. only experienced and then it transcends. Like all the illusions of our life.

Success isn’t real… just an illusion.

Like all illusions, they can be fun, magical, and childlike.

So play with them. Enjoy them. Experience the child like nature inside you.

What do you have to lose?

Enjoy every moment.


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