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Sales & Marketing Engineer

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About this course

Copy direct response copy writing materials for 30 days and you'll double your wealth, halve your marketing costs, and ultimately know how to influence and persuade people to taking direct action to your marketing and sales material. 

Remember to build your own swipe files of ads, short form and long form copy, and anything you see that moves people to action. 

10 - Key Parts To Direct Response Marketing

  • 1 Instant Clarity Headline 
  • 2 Declare The Problem 
  • 3 Present Your Solution
  • 4 Borrow Credibility
  • 5 Social Proof
  • 6 Testimonials
  • 7 Clear Call To Take Action
  • 8 Reverse All Risk
  • 9 Price Anchoring
  • 10 Frequently Asked Questions

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