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All work and no play makes Jack a full boy. . . Though the Jack hiding in you is possible to believe ever to be dull. . . Just in accessible.

I do what I love and I love what I do. My work is my play… exercise, meditation, self development, and masonry are my outlets for escaping business but in the end these help my professional career too. I try and live an integral life where my human needs are being fulfilled within the work […]

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Mindful Cleaning

Our memories are as interesting as the stars in the sky. They flash, sparkle, and glow as radiating photos of light and energy transferring from one part of space to another and all in milliseconds delay. Time, space, and energy…. What in the heck does that even mean to you? Ever have a conversation with […]

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Selfish Sunday and Super Salads

I’m kind of getting addicted to blogging and creating routines. Like, I’m falling in love with it. To the point where it feels really good to accomplish my routine every chance I have designated. For example, Sundays are my day of rest and weekly preparation. I go on an adventure to the grocery store and […]

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