Stay Clear Of Marketing Agencies That Eat Your Profit and Business For Lunch.

It makes me sick when new clients come to me after working with a large marketing enterprise that placed a #Death #Contract on them.
The reporting, the metrics, and the KPI’s from these agencies are all sorts of fucked up. These @$$h0l3s create no accountability for themselves and give numbers that leave business owners confused, scared, and close to broke.
Then the business owner begins to lose trust with these giants and start to look around for an answer to their business problems but barely trust anyone in the market place.
They send me their “monthly reports” and my guts turn inside out. Only reporting metrics that make them look superficially good on the surface but don’t actually provide value.
When I get on the phone with these business owners, I feel more like a teacher and shrink than anything. Working them through the tangled mess of bullshit to figure out the straight line to success.
Trying to help them focus on what actually matters to a struggling business. Then teaching them the processes we will follow for success.
Then, I show them the magic software validator.
We login to the business dashboard.
They see the colors.
The graphs.
The charts.
The maps.
And ultimately the bottom line of the business I’m showing. #Instantly
Instant access to KPI’s in a beautiful display that’s so sexy, it could make Apple melt with envy.
“See here”, I say, “These are the numbers that tell the story of the success and failures of the business. This #Data gives indications to owners whether to celebrate or get back to the drawing board and grind it out.
The business dashboard reports information that drive profitability and accountability…. All in one place. No longer do you have to crawl around the web to get a picture of how your businesses is performing.
See it here, live, and all with a simple click.
As soon as the business owner makes the connection in their mind between the horrible pdf they get each month and this…
Their eyes light up!
They begin to see what’s possible.
Their hopes and dreams start to come back into perspective!
They begin to feel the certainty settle back into their bodies while their restricted lungs begin to open up and they can now breath again.
Then they ask the question…. “How can I get this and what’s the next step?”
That’s when I say… “it depends if we’ll be able to work together or not. This dashboard is a luxury tool that I provide as an extra benefit for working with me. It’s specifically made for my clients to prosper.”
If you work with us, you will get this too. But the reason I use it, so we can hold everyone responsible to the metrics that matter to your success.
Then I hear, “how can I get you to work with me?”
My response, “Let’s dive into your business and find where the problems are and what needs to be done to maximize your revenues and profits. If there’s enough profit potential than we’ll do business.”
So we dive in…
And we pull #data that gets down to the truth of their business.
Once everything is pulled in, I ask this important question,
“What’s your businesses goal for the next 90 days?”
And so many times I hear vague responses….
Abstract triggers words that aren’t tangible.
So we work backwards from their personal goals and the reason why they are doing all this in the first place.
This gives the emotional energy we can use to move them back on path if they fall off or get distracted.
Next we come up with the numbers based on their current conversion rates. {9/10 dead ass horrible}
If their conversion rates are profitable….
The conversation would like this:
If you need 10 Customers a day at a cost of $275
For you thats 1,000 leads a day
Which comes out to 60,000 impressions a day.
At an average revenue of $1,000 a customer…
So, see how it costs you $275 to get a customer that you make $1,000 from? You make about $750 profit per customer…
“How many of those would you like?”
“The correct answer is, as many can you get me? “
But too often, like this client I’m writing about, their numbers are pointing to a certain future death. And the B.S. marketing they are doing with this large enterprise is actually driving their business into the ground.
Every ad she runs, loses her money.
And it took some time for her to figure it out…
But when she did she was left feeling stuck.
Locked into a contract. Losing money. Not knowing what to do.
She went back to her marketing company and they said…
“Oh let’s increase your ad spend.”
“Let’s extend your contract…”
But her gut feeling told her to run.
And she ran to me begging for help… Literally telling me, “I’m desperate!”
And for some special reason, her story touched my heart.
I couldn’t stand watching her business go down.
She told me her struggles. Her mistakes. Her opportunities.
All she wanted to do was run her business, help people, and be a good person. And for your information, this professional women has a heart of gold.
But you know what can happen to hearts of gold…
They too often get taken advantage of by Capitalistic Ass Clowns who don’t really care about people. Ass clowns that just care about profit. Not value or her profit but their profit.
This is what makes me so sad about capitalism. It’s not set in value created. But value derived. (Long live #Valuism)
I was left here wondering what to do. Even though I don’t normally take on these small clients anymore, I couldn’t sleep at night thinking about the almost criminal behavior that was legally being forced on her in that #death #contract.
The next morning, I started her campaign…
I worked three days straight with very little sleep because my clock was ticking down for the next project that was about to start.
And right now, some of the results came back in from campaign. I was shocked. Normally it takes a bit of time to dial in a new market but this was something different.
I can officially say, I decreased her marketing costs by 573% and already matched the previous marketing company’s total monthly leads acquired and it’s only been 3 days!
She’s so happy and over the moon!
Our conversation today was golden. I love love love when the skills I worked so hard to build and craft can be used to save peoples livelihoods. It’s the feedback that inspires to me work harder to improve, grow, and become a master of this craft.
And I swear to God, if any of you run businesses and are using large corporate marketing agencies to help you with your online marketing and advertising, I can pretty much guarantee you could do better.
Don’t let the status quo stop you from reaching new heights.
It’s not your fault. You were busy with business. They came in and made it easy to buy from them. It was convenient. They spoke a nice script, had a nice smile, and sold you a “in the box” marketing package they sell to everyone else.
If you happen to be a business owner, I can’t promise I can help you or even that I have time to but please please please, follow your gut instincts.
Look for someone to audit your marketing. Look deeper into the data. Find someone who speaks your language and you can feel their heart is filled with pure and positive intentions.
It’s so so so important.
You could be a few percentages away from leveraging billion dollars assets to grow your business profitably and quickly. Unfortunately if you have sub-par marketing, that same billion dollar systems will run your business into the ground. Even if you were off by 1 small percentages. Precious makes all the difference.
Leverage the data to make better decisions and watch your success blast off into new heights. If you don’t have it, get it set up. It’s not hard.
#Data helps us all make better decisions when building our business. We want our businesses to be assets rather than a liabilities.
Know your KPI’s and get a tool to see them instantly at a moments reach.
I’m tired of commodity based marketing agencies screwing over good honest business owners.
If you want to learn more about the Math Of Business. Comment below and maybe if enough people are interested I try and find time to do a webinar where I go through business metrics to help you plan out your businesses success. We can pick a member of the audience and go through their numbers live.
With love,
Ryan Twedt
P.S. Know of anyone in a struggling business remember to tag them here. It could mean the difference between success and failure.
====End of Rant=====
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